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Choosing The Right Marlboro Cigarettes


April 16, 2019 by 8aL3Vw


Cigarette smoking has been a habit across the globe for a long time now. Today, more than a billion men and women smoke cigarettes. For some, it’s a way of life. For others, it’s a brief form of stress relief. Regardless, almost every smoker out there has a favorite cigarette brand. For millions of them, that brand is Marlboro.

There’s no doubt about it—Marlboro is the best-known name in the cigarette market. In the United States, Marlboro cigarettes represent freedom and independence. Internationally, they represent unbeatable quality. Smokers of Marlboro cigarettes claim they are second to none in terms of smoothness and flavor, and many refuse to even consider smoking another brand’s cigarettes. How, though, do you choose the right kind for yourself? It all comes down to why you like smoking in the first place.

Marlboro Ultra Lights

If you want to smoke socially but don’t want to allow too much nicotine into your system, Marlboro Ultra Lights (also known as Marlboro Silvers) are the cigarettes for you. These Marlboro cigarettes contain the smallest amounts of tar and nicotine, and they’re incredibly smooth. Their long filters block out most of the harsh chemicals, making them ideal for new smokers.

Marlboro Lights

Marlboro Lights (or Marlboro Golds) are a step up in intensity from Marlboro Silvers. They’re still ideal for social smokers, but they have a stronger flavor and a higher nicotine content.

Marlboro Menthols

A lot of people love the smooth, minty flavor of menthol cigarettes. Smokers of Marlboro cigarettes are no exception. That’s why there are so many variations of Marlboro Menthols—ultra light, light, smooth, and full flavor. Thanks to these variations, any smoker is able to enjoy menthol, regardless of his or her strength preference.


These cigarettes are popular among regular smokers who want a stronger “kick” when they inhale. The 27s have a strong, unique flavor due to the blend of tobacco being used. They’re described as being a little harsher. Because of this, you may want to hold off on them until you know what kind of cigarette strength you can handle.

Marlboro Mediums

Marlboro Mediums are the “middle ground” between Marlboro Lights and Marlboro Reds. They’re perfect for smokers who want more flavor and a stronger kick, but don’t want the full intensity of the Marlboro Red.

Marlboro Reds

Marlboro Reds are the preferred Marlboro cigarettes for smokers who want the full amount of nicotine, a full-bodied flavor, and a harsh kick. Marlboro Reds might have the best flavor, but they also offer the smallest amount of protection against harsh chemicals. These cigarettes have shorter filters when compared to other Marlboro cigarettes, such as the Lights and the Smooths.

Ultimately, choosing the perfect cigarette is all about trial and error. Doing your research and reading reviews will help you, but trying different kinds for yourself is the only way you’ll truly know what you like.


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