Introducing Facebook Some Of The Basics

You probably realize how important it is to establish your brand online. This is much easier to do nowadays thanks to Facebook. There are very simple things you need to do.First of all, you will need to create an account. If you already have a personal account, then you have the option of using it for business purposes. You are unable to create a second personal account if you want to abide by their terms of service. Some people use their one personal account for both business and pleasure.You do have the option of creating lists to deliver your posts from your personal account to the relevant group of people. Alternatively, you can make the decision to register your own business page on Facebook. This will act as a mini site for people on the network to learn a few things about your business. It is a good idea to treat this mini website as a traditional website in a sense, since it will be listed in the search engines. Consider what keywords would be best to target and use them on this business page so you can attract searchers.After you create a business page on Facebook, there is a wide range of information, data and details you can add to the page. In the beginning though, you need to start off by adding the basics to your about page. You will want this page to provide all types of information about your company and its products and services.Remember though; Facebook is a social media site. This means you can use media such as photos and videos to enhance your page. Using videos to detail how your products and services work is a good idea.After you have joined Facebook you will need to set out to obtain fans. Finding people who are actually targeted and thereby interested in your company may be one method of thinking. However, it can be useful to get as many fans as possible.Everyone who becomes a fan will expose your brand to their network of friends. As more and more people do this and in turn see your brand your online presence will grow bigger.Do not forget to integrate Facebook with your main website by putting a Facebook like button up there. When your visitors come it will allow them to like the page easily so their friends can hopefully come check it out.