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T Shirt Baggy T Shirts


David Kensington

T Shirts give off strong representations of the type of people we are and the way we want ourselves to be perceived. Different styles and designs give off different notions about how the individual wants to be perceived by others. This article will look at how baggy T Shirts and the brands used describe and connote the type of person that wears them.

Brand is a major factor that depicts who we are and they way we dress and ultimately the way we are perceived by others. The baggy T Shirt is usually worn by the majority of the population in a casual, dress down sense. Many people wear these kinds of T Shirts when at home relaxing; they are not on the whole typically worn when going out to events such as clubs and bars. These kinds of clothes are worn casually and are not connected to showing off. More of the opposite really, these clothes are comfortable.


Many of these baggy T Shirts range from many different brands from cheap ones, for the everyday casual look, or ranges to expensive niche brands that target people who have want have the exclusive casual look. In the case of baggy T Shirts one can look to the Hip Hop and RnB sector or society that prides itself with exclusive niche brands that thrive on the baggy look. Many of the rappers and singers of this genre of music, wear, on stage baggy clothing and in particularly baggy T Shirts. This therefore is a great influence on the fans who will want to look and dress like them. Many of these rappers have produced their own fashion label that they wear on stage and promote to their fans. Baby bop, is a large clothing brand made by a rapper who sells his exclusive baggy T Shirts at very high price. The idea of wearing the same clothes he does connotes to the fans who buy his brand, in order to dress like him, and can afford expensive clothes. Many of these T Shirts are used as a status symbol.

The same baggy fit T Shirts can be seen with many skater, BMXer group. Many of these people are performing and carrying out physical sports such as rollerblading, skating and biking. Many of these people wear baggy T Shirts in order to be comfortable in what they are wearing when carrying out these activities. Baggy clothing is proven to soften the blow when wearing tight T Shirts because less material is touching the skin. Many of their music singers also wear baggy clothing, which like the hip hop fans, they by the same outfits that they wear in order to show off their status and wealth in accordance to everyone else who has not got them.

From this it is possible to see that baggy T Shirts are worn in order to give off connotations that associate them with their style, be it the type of music, i.e. skater, hip hop so they can look like their favourite singer and the image they give off.

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