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Top Rated Uganda Wildlife Safari Destinations}


August 3, 2017 by 8aL3Vw

Top-Rated Uganda Wildlife Safari Destinations


Nadzua Matara

Crowned as the Pearl of Africa- Uganda is known for its abundant flora, fauna, beautiful landscapes, unspoiled wilderness and diverse wildlife like the predators, chimpanzees, and gorillas. On a guided Uganda wildlife safari, you will get a chance to explore its unique natural beauty, the top-rated Wildlife safari destinations, tourist attractions (that are easily accessible by road and air), spectacular sights and fascinating wildlife.

Please have a look at some of the best Wildlife safari destinations in Uganda that will help in experiencing the tranquility, serenity of nature and witnessing thrilling encounters with a stunning wildlife!

1. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park:

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Located in the Southwestern, Uganda, the Bwindi National Park is considered to be a home for the Mountain Gorillas. This park in Uganda attracts many Wildlife safari seekers from around the world to enjoy a thrilling gorilla tracking expedition. Witnessing the endangered Mountain gorillas on a tracking expedition, you will be able to experience a memorable wildlife experience in Uganda. To enjoy a gorilla tracking at the Bwindi, you need a permit, which is issued by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA). The Bwindi Impenetrable park is also known for its rich ecosystem, 7 diurnal primates, forest elephants, different bird species and species of mammals. No doubt, this park in Uganda will prove to be the best destination to explore on a Wildlife safari tour.

2. Queen Elizabeth National Park:

Having the highest biodiversity in the world, the Queen Elizabeth Park is home to more than 100 mammal species and a wide variety of bird species. The open savanna, rain forest, dense papyrus and brooding crater lakes make it a suitable habitat for a diverse wildlife like elephants, hippos, Uganda kob, giant forest hogs, leopards, buffaloes and more. The best activity that you will enjoy at the Queen Elizabeth National Park on a Wildlife safari is Chimpanzee tracking. Apart from the chimpanzees, you will also get a chance to witness the Columbus monkeys, olive baboons, and red-tail monkeys. The special tree-climbing lions in the remote section of Ishasha is one of the best highlights of exploring the Queen Elizabeth Park.

3. Murchison Falls National Park:

On a wildlife safari tour in Uganda, you can explore one of the exquisite national parks in Uganda Murchison Falls National Park. This national park in Uganda will help you to see the densest hippo population (on the African continent) and an array of wildlife. The south of this park is a home to the chimpanzees, rain forest creatures and several bird species. At the Uganda Murchison Falls National Park, you can enjoy birding, nature walk, and chimpanzee tracking. You can enjoy boat trips or game drives at this park to witness the Big Five Mammals like the lions, rhinos, leopards, elephants and buffaloes.


The above listed are some few Uganda wildlife safari destinations, apart from these there are many other amazing spots, which you can consider to explore on a guided tour. Do not forget to contact a reputable safari company or tour operator to book a well planned and guided tour package to witness the stunning and diverse wildlife in Uganda.

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