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Training Your Pit Bull Make Things More Fun


February 26, 2014 by 8aL3Vw

Submitted by: Julie Miller

Try to recall some of your favorite classes back when you were in school. Were the teachers in those classes fun and outgoing and included lots of different activities to add variation to make boring tasks less boring, or was the teacher of that class dull and boring and always spoke in a monotone voice?

I’m guessing it was the first one and not the second. The teachers that made learning fun and exciting new what they were doing, because countless studies have always showed that we are much more interested in the subject if we find it interesting or fun.

This same concept applies to training your pit bull. The more exciting the training is, the more likely your puppy is to learn the new tricks or commands. Throughout training you will notice that dogs are a lot like children and using the same positive tactic yield the best results.

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If you make the training sessions really long and drag them out, your pit bull will quickly will get bored and will try to look for other ways to entertain himself. How do you expect to train a dog when you don’t even have his full attention. You just can’t

Keep the training sessions short and more relax. You can have multiple training sessions per day if you want to squeeze more training time into your day, but in general training sessions should not last over 10 minutes.

Another good way to keep training sessions fun is to always sound excited whenever your puppy does something right. Remember that teacher example in the beginning of this article? Well tell me, which teacher had your interest, the one that talked in a monotone voice all day, or the one that was always excited about learning?

For most of us it’s the second one and for dogs it’s the same thing. If you sound excited about your pit bull pup getting an answer right, then he will feel excited with you and will want to do more to get you excited again.

Pit bulls love pleasing their owners, so if they sense that what they’re doing is making you excited and happy, they will be more inclined to try it again in hopes it makes you happy again.

If you act excited when your puppy does something your right, you will get him excited about it as well. If your pup is excited about learning and training then you will noticed that getting his attention during your daily training sessions won’t be much of a challenge for you. Your puppy will remember the previous training session and that if he listens and does the new tricks, then he will make you excited and possibly earn himself a reward.

Remember that dogs are a lot like children. The boring and stretched out training sessions will only make them hate training. You want them to be excited about learning new tricks and commands so keep things fun and your pit bull will learn that much quicker.

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