Why Is Telephone Coaching More Effective Than Face To Face Coaching?

Submitted by: Ebru Ulufer

Over 90% of coaching sessions are conducted over the telephone. Some clients might prefer face-to-face coaching but being coached over the phone (or via Skype) is more efficient.

When I first started coaching, I was very clear that I wanted to work with my clients face-to-face. Then I got an e-mail from someone who lived 200 miles from me asking if I could coach her on the phone. That is when I started coaching over the telephone. I now use both telephone and Skype, this gives me the advantage of being able to help someone who lives in another country!

How does Skype coaching work?

Skype is a software programme and it can be downloaded free from http://www.Skype.com. Using Skype allows you to make free calls over the internet. It is very much like talking on the telephone.

Benefits of telephone and Skype coaching :


1. It provides a focused conversation. Without visual distractions, both coaches and their clients are able to hear the conversation in a deeper way.

2. Because you re being heard and not seen, you may feel more comfortable discussing your problems. People are usually more open to share certain things over the phone versus in person.

3. You don t spend time traveling if you choose telephone or Skype coaching. Neither you nor your coach will have to overcome the frustrations or the delays and hassles of traveling.

4. The chances that you and your ideal coach will be within reasonable travel distance are extremely low. With telephone or Skype coaching, you will be able to select from coaches located almost anywhere in the world. Restricting your search geographically will greatly reduce the odds of finding just the right fit for you. By eliminating geographic restrictions, you can be matched with a coach that best meets your needs not the closest coach but the best coach.

5. You can be more flexible in the times you receive coaching. Some clients have very busy schedules and they are only available late evenings and early mornings. If you don t have time for a session during the working day, telephone coaching or Skype coaching is ideal for you.

6. Telephone coaching is very convenient. You will be able to receive coaching in any location you wish as long as you have a phone (or a laptop and internet connection for Skype).

7. Telephone (or Skype) coaching is less costly as you will not have to pay for the travel expenses for your coach or yourself.

If you still prefer to see your coach (and your coach to see you), you can use Skype and connect via the webcam feature. Most of the new laptops have built in web cameras and microphones. If your computer doesn t have that feature, the equipment is inexpensive to buy.

I now coach most of my clients over the phone or via Skype. I can assure you that it is very effective (even more effective than face-to-face coaching). It is surprisingly powerful as distractions are minimised and it allows for deep and focused interaction.

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