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What To Do When Lost in Texas?

Texas is not really what you have in mind for your summer vacation. You may be dreaming a summer in Malibu, maybe much farther a shopping trip to Paris. Anyways you are nowhere to go but Texas, let me tell you, unbore your summer with this fun and exciting activities you can only do in Texas.

1. Tex Mex Cuisine Enchiladas are a classic Tex Mex food, the delicious result of a mingling of Mexican, Native American, Texas cowboy and Anglo Cultures in Southwest. As the Spanish pushed northward from present day Mexico, they brought with them an evolving cuisine. What had begun as a fusion of Spanish and native Central American cooking was further influenced at the hand of Tejanos (Native Americans schooled at Spanish Missions). Taste the Tex Mex Cuisine and get lost in Texan madness.


2. Saloons Feel the heat, put on your cowboy hat and head down to the closest saloon near you. May it be a round table poker challenge or you just wanna try the glugging down a jar of beer, saloon is the best place for this experience.

3. Museum Feel like getting a little history down your system? Head down to the Texas Memorial Museum or go to the Texas Prison Museum. The Texas Memorial Museum offers a great experience in dinosaur encounters in their Hall of Geology and Palaeontology. There is also the Hall of Biodiversity which offers the Explore Evolution, an interactive learning centre. The Hall features multimedia and interactive displays that engage visitors to learn about recent contributions.

The Texas Prison Museum features numerous exhibits detailing the history of Texas prison system, both from the point of view of the inmates as well as the men and women who worked within prison walls. The Prison also known as the Huntsville headed by Lee Simmons, opened an unconventional way to the institutional system of prisons. Simmons conceived the idea of a prison rodeo. And there in 1931 began the Widest Show Behind Bars across the nation the Texas Prison Rodeo. Texas Prison Museum also houses famous artefacts from the infamous criminal duo, Bonnie and Clyde.

4. Hog Hunting Perhaps a little adrenaline rush is not so bad. Wild hog hunting is a famous sport / activity in Texas. For beginners, there are available wild hog hunting tips in hunting websites. Take down notes on some of the best wild hog hunting tips and prepare your guns and ammos for the best hunting experience youll ever have!

5. Country Music with Taylor Swifts entry to the music industry, country music has now come a long way. Lets not forget Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton who were made famous by country music or maybe we can say that they made country music come back to life once again.

To get to Texas, Texas has several international airports. They have the Dallas / Forth Worth International Airport and the George Bush International Airport these are their 2 main airport. Amtrak trains offers trips to Texas, though rides are long and the fare is high, Amtrak offers a different kind of perspective for travellers. You can also travel by bus.

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