Beach Body Workout Programs The Secret To Getting Super Fit From Home

By Drew R. Cooper

With what seems to be gyms and workout centers on every other corner today, why are people flocking to the popular Beach Body workout programs? The bottom line is, most people find this environment to be intimidating, and in many cases the results are lackluster at best. In your search for an effective way to lose weight and get fit, there is another option

The Beach body workout programs offer you an opportunity to get fit in the comfort of your own home. You pay one set fee for a program and complete the workouts on your own terms. With the rigorous workout routines and all-inclusive nutrition programs, you will have everything you need to lose that extra weight once and for all. Consider the following Beach Body work out programs if you are ready to skip the gym hassles, and get in shape.

P90X – 90 Days to Success

P90X uses a concept called muscle confusion to help you lose weight, and get fit, in 90 short days. The program includes 12 different exercise routines, and a three step nutrition component. P90X was designed to use exercise and proper food intake for a rapid physical change.


With most workout programs you lose weight for a few weeks, and then you plateau. In other words, your weight loss and muscle tone stalls. However, with the ultra-effective P90X program keeps your muscles in a constant state of confusion. They never have the chance to adjust to the workout routine and never plateau. This is the secret to how the P90X program is able to deliver such drastic results in only 90 days.

ChaLEAN Extreme: Gain Muscle Without the Bulky Look

If you are in search of a way to lose weight and gain muscle without bulking up, the ChaLEAN extreme program is what you need. This system focuses on the fact that muscle burns fat. With fifteen exercises, you switch it up with both cardio exercises and resistance training. When using this program, your metabolism increases and you can burn fat all day (even at night while you are sleeping). The program promises results in 30 days. If you follow the program correctly, you could lose 60%, or more, of your bodys fat in just 90 days.

Hip Hop Abs: Get Fit While You Dance

For those who hate crunches and pushups, the Hip Hop Abs program by Shaun T. provides a unique way to lose weight, and get in shape. When considering one of the Beach Body workout programs, you will find that Hip Hop Abs can be a lot of fun. You complete a step by step program that includes exercise, nutrition, and dance. You are sure to lose weight, and have fun, when you work out to the motivational music. Hip Hop Abs focuses first on your abs. However, the program also includes a full body workout, which will help you lose weight and get in shape from head to toe.

Insanity: The Most Intense Routine Youve Ever Seen

If you are tired of weak routines that provide few results, the Insanity program is just what you need. This intense 60 day program might be the hardest thing you have ever done. However, with Insanity you can be sure that you will burn fat, increase muscle, and sculpt your body exactly the way you want it. The program includes 10 DVDs that will teach you everything you need to get in shape. In addition, no extra equipment is required. You dont need weights, or pull up bars, when you use this intense workout routine.

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