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Submitted by: Neville Pettersson

So, what exactly is the best way to create the best print ads for your small business? Well one thing is for certain, finding someone else to create it for you is a bad idea. Not only do they not necessarily know your business like you do, they also commonly have got a hidden agenda, e . g . to try and sell you a whole lot more advertising space. Writing your own copy is the only genuine way to make certain your company is described in the best possible light. The following post is jam-packed with some fantastic advert writing recommendations as well as design recommendations. So lets get straight into it.

It is far more important to get the message across then feel concerned about the length of your headline – fourteen word head lines get nearly as much readership as 3 word head lines.

Apply CAPITAL Letters For All The First Letters Of Words Throughout Any Headline.


Non-specific statements really do not count – Provide genuine data, amounts, numbers and statistics. Precise figures and percentages are wonderful. Whenever you make any kind of a claim which is vague or immeasurable, e . g . “highest quality support” or “Quality guaranteed” it makes virtually no effect. The reader will lose his / her respect for you because of the exaggeration.

Clearly establish the objective of your advertisement? – Will it be to get consumers to; try you out, buy goods from you, make contact with you, make an meeting? No matter what it is, jot it down and remember, only ever “market” one product at a time. If all you are looking for is to try to get an appointment or to get the person to come in, then do not look to sell your services at the same time. It will just confuse the potential shopper.

Give a good solid guarantee! – Providing a guarantee will give you serious leverage above your competitors, this is especially true whenever no one else is providing one. The more powerful the guarantee the far more gross sales you will generate, and the very best sort of guarantee is the 100% unconditional money-back guarantee. Let’s face it! You will feel more secure purchasing a product or service if you know you may take it back if it turns out it doesn’t do exactly what it stated it would do.

Begin using your picture so they can relate to you – An individual’s eyes are drawn to photos of people. They are ‘attention grabbing’.

UBA (Unique Business Advantage) – The intent of any yellow page advert is to let the prospect know the reason why you are superior to the opposition. Reveal to them all the things you provide which your competitors don’t. Buyers naturally try to look for value. When these people cannot differentiate any difference between two products they will quickly turn to selling price. You can solve the problem simply by presenting them what they’re looking for in the first place – good value.

The best print ads do not try and sell the product or services in the advert! – The function of your yellow pages advertisement shouldn’t be to convince the prospect that they ought to buy whichever products you offer; they’re currently looking in your area so they already require whatever you are promoting. You intention is actually to persuade the potential client Why they should select your company above your competitors.

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