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Common Retractable Awnings Installation Issues And Tips To Troubleshooting}


March 4, 2018 by 8aL3Vw

Common Retractable Awnings Installation Issues and Tips to Troubleshooting


Steve NakousisWhen you come across the word awning, what comes to your mind the most? Is the old-fashioned type that hangs over movie theatres or barber shop? But, there is another kind of awning that is becoming increasingly popular these days and is great for any home or business. The retractable roofs! The popularity of these types of awnings is due to the following reasons such as versatility and affordability. Awnings provide perfect shade to outdoor living areas during warm and sunny weather. But, there are some common awning installation issues that may arise when trying to use it after several months. Here are a few solutions to fix the issues in no time. Knocking or Cracking NoiseWhen extended or retracted, the awning makes unnecessary knocking or cracking noise. This is due to the fact that the awning brackets have not been tightened completely. So, be sure to tighten the mounting bolt until the locking lip on the inside of the mounting bracket is drawn down over the torsion bar. Saggy Fabric Sometimes, the fabric sags and is not tight due to the over-extension of the arms or the lock-out effect. To taut the fabric, reverse the cranking direction or retract the awnings. Also, make sure that the fabric is always rolled over the top of the roller tube and not from the underneath. Issues with Motorised Awning In some cases, the motorised awning stops working when it’s rolled in or out. The primary reason behind your issue is that the built-in thermal override motor which is used to prevent overheating temporarily shuts down due to the frequent use. Allow the motor in the retractable awnings in Sydney to cool down for 10 to 15 minutes and try the remote again. This gives sufficient resting time for the motor to restart again. Dusty or Fading Awnings If there is no proper maintenance, your awnings become little worse and looks worn out due to over-exposure to sun, snow, rain, wind, and any other outdoor conditions. By cleaning the awnings properly, you can make them look their best. For that, take your awnings down whenever possible and remove as much dust as possible. To effectively remove the dust and debris out of your awnings, you can use heavy-duty vacuum cleaners. For dirt and debris that can’t be removed without a heavy duty vacuum, try using a pressure washer on the lowest possible pressure setting. If you are more concerned about the fabric use a medium to stiff brush with soapy water solution and rinse thoroughly. Problems with the Moving PartsRetractable awnings have numerous moving parts such as rollers, springs, cables, chains, and more. Due to frequent usage, moving parts will begin to squeak or the mechanism may no longer be smooth. Proper inspection and regular maintenance can help you to fix the issues in these moving parts. Visit to know more about retractable awnings in Sydney prices and more.

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