Cosmetic And Reconstructive Surgery And How You Can Differentiate One From The Other

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery and How You Can Differentiate One from the Other


Katie Hallison

At present, plastic surgery is becoming more and more preferred. Long ago, only the rich and famous can afford the simplest plastic surgery treatment. Currently, it is conveniently offered to the public–not to mention that it\’s affordable.

Plastic surgeries are carried out by plastic surgeons to enhance the appearance of a particular body part. Plastic surgery can improve your look and offer emotional and psychological perks too. People who have had plastic surgery report obtaining higher self-esteem and more assurance to go after their life objectives. Plastic surgery procedures such as liposuction, breast augmentation, or cleft lip surgery have greatly served millions of individuals to achieve just that.

In spite of the many perks, as with all surgical procedures, there is always a danger associated with plastic surgery. It is very important that you are completely aware of all the potential dangers and side effects that a specific procedure might cause you. Reviewing the entire treatment and finding out about proper post-surgery care from your doctor will definitely help you decrease the chances of complications from taking place in the future.


The Two Branches of Plastic Surgery. Plastic surgery has two main branches. These are cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. Reconstructive surgery is performed to rectify any physical deformity that might be created by birth defects, infection, developmental abnormalities, illnesses, tumors, or trauma. Reconstructive surgery aims to enhance both appearance and function. Cosmetic surgery is more concerned with appearance. Examples of reconstructive surgery treatments are cleft lip and palate repair, breast reconstruction, scar revision, and skin grafting, while arm lifts, tummy tucks, BOTOX, and breast enhancement are some of the treatments that are commonly done by a

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patients prefer.

Reconstructive surgery is generally covered in most health insurance plans though coverage for certain treatments may vary considerably with each insurance company. The same cannot be concluded about cosmetic surgery though. Usually,

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patients won\’t be able to get insurance coverage because the cause of the treatment does not pose any immediate health dangers. Nonetheless, some insurance providers may present you coverage for cosmetic surgery if you can establish that your appearance is your primary source of income as with TV and film stars.

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