Cosmetic Surgery In San Diego: How To Choose The Right Surgeon

Cosmetic Surgery in San Diego: How to Choose the Right Surgeon


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Millions of people have a thing or two they wish they could change about their appearance. While some downplay this and simply carry on with their lives, others wish they could find a solution every time they stand before a mirror. If you are not happy with your natural looks, and are thinking about doing something about it, then plastic surgery in La Jolla should be your solution. However, the success of your facelift is highly dependent on your choice of doctor, according to Dr. John T. Alexander, a plastic surgeon in La Jolla, California.

Here are three guidelines that should help you when choosing the right plastic surgeon who will meet your needs.

1. Do thorough research

Plastic surgery procedures can transform people s lives. As such, you need to ensure that you take your choice of surgeon seriously. The best starting point may be to ask friends or relatives who have had plastic surgery about their experience and their surgery. Another option would be to ask your personal physician for recommendations. It is also worthwhile to search the web for qualified plastic surgeons in your area.


Ask the people you talk with if they would be confident enough to refer their family members to the same surgeon they had, says

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Dr. Alexander. And a detailed search online can be helpful as well, but make sure you look passed the ads and the marketing hype to find a surgeon with advanced qualifications and a wealth of experience. Browse online forums for posts made by real people with real experience.

2. Ask for certifications and other credentials

The most important thing that you need to do is establish whether the plastic surgeon you are interested in has proper training and credentials. Go for nothing short of a surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. These qualifications indicate that the surgeon has approved standards of practice. Take your time to ascertain every certification held by the surgeon.

3. Verify their experience

If you are satisfied with the surgeon s certifications, then turn your attention to their level of experience. Find out how many times this

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has successfully performed the procedure you are considering. You need to investigate any negative feedback and disciplinary actions against the surgeon before allowing them to operate on you. Browsing their before and after photos is also an important step to determine if you like the results they have delivered for other patients.

As mentioned before, plastic surgery is a life transforming procedure. Therefore, when searching for the right doctor to perform plastic surgery in La Jolla, be sure to do adequate research, be patient and always follow your instincts. Dr. Alexander s practice, Alexander Cosmetic Surgery, has been practicing plastic surgery since 1964. Whether you are looking for facial rejuvenation, breast augmentation or body contouring, you can trust them for all your plastic surgery needs.

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, located in La Jolla, San Diego, CA offers cosmetic plastic surgery and anti-aging skin care procedures: breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, and many other body, breast and face cosmetic surgery treatments.

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