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At its most basic, the Grand Canyon is a vast expanse that people can tour on foot, on land or with an aerial view. Up close, however, it is filled with a number of beautify plant and animal species. It is also incredibly rich with geological and biological diversity. As such, there are countless ways to explore this magnificent attraction and each method holds its own beauty and wonder. If you’re looking to be truly awed during your visit, however, you may want to schedule your tour with Grand Canyon helicopters.

When riding in a helicopter, you will have the ability to see the land from overhead, in away that tourists on foot simply cannot appreciate. Moreover, you will also have the option of descending down into the canyon and taking a guided tour on foot. This excursions give people the opportunity to make the absolute best use of their time in this location and to see more of what nature has to offer.

Another benefit of traveling by helicopter is the ability to make the most of your time. While this is by far the most visually impressive attraction in this region, many people are eager to spend time in nearby national parks or they may even want to spend a considerable portion of their time on the Las Vegas strip. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is among one of the most popular attractions in all the world, but it is surrounded by a wealth of additional things to both do and see.


There are two primary areas of Grand Canyon National Park. These include the North Rim and the South Rim. The North Rim is decidedly more remote and boasts a number of areas that are strictly off limits to visitors. The South Rim is much more crowded and far more accessible overall. In a helicopter tour, you can pass over either side and can see far more from an aerial view than you possibly could if visiting the area on foot.

Those who wish to book these trips can opt for either full-day or half-day tours depending upon their schedules, preferences, budgets and overall sightseeing goals. When descending into the depths of the canyon, pilots must be prepared to adjust for major wind gusts. Fortunately, these professionals can promise a smooth and stress-free ride.

One of the best reasons for flying with these professionals is the wealth of information they have to share. When different plant species, animal species or rock formations are spotted, pilots can tell their passengers all about them. They can also alert their passengers so that nothing spectacular or noteworthy is missed.

Refueling stops are made on the West Rim of the canyon. This gives people the chance to step out of the copter and look around. This is a great time to explore the surroundings up close and to experience some of the stunning features that are present on this side.

It is only possible to see just 30 miles of this sight on foot and few people are able to traverse this much land during their short visits. When you fly by copter, however, you can see as much as 130 miles of the entire attraction. As such, this is the most time-efficient way to observe your surroundings when traveling into this area.

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