Dr Scott Rice Irvine Cosmetic Dentist

Dr Scott Rice Irvine Cosmetic Dentist


Peter M. Jones

Irvine dentist Dr. Scott Rice provides Invisalign, cosmetic and sedation procedures for Orange County, Newport Beach, and Irvine area. An Irvine cosmetic dentist should provide safe, reliable procedures to correct basic problems with teeth such as whitening or Porcelain veneers to more complex procedures such as Dental bridges, dentures or Dental implants. An Irvine dentist should also know the importance of a beautiful smile and healthy gum lines. Dr. Scott Rice has provided Irvine cosmetic dentist procedures since 1986.

Care should be taken when locating an Irvine dentist to suit patient s needs. Proven, reliable and special treatment can ease tensions of a nervous patient. Dr. Scott Rice s Irvine dentist staff is trained to work with nervous patients, helping to relax nerves and provide optimal service to Irvine cosmetic dentist area. The key to a long lasting smile is maintaining a healthy, long lasting relationship with an Irvine dentist or Irvine cosmetic dentist. The staff at Dr Scott Rice Irvine dentist office understands the need for this lasting relationship. Each patient walks through the new patient care steps and is also provided a Handle With Care form allowing the patient to state the concerns about their dental care from the beginning. Each Irvine cosmetic dentist should take pride to ensure every visit counts.


Irvine dentist Dr Scott Rice provides specialized treatment in cosmetic dentistry. Understanding each patient s needs, his staff works closely with top surgeons in Orange County to provide the bridge necessary to complete each cosmetic procedure. An Irvine cosmetic dentist should understand the need to have a wide resource available at their fingertips to provide optimal care with each patient in mind.

The staff at Dr Scott Rice Irvine cosmetic dentist office works with each patient regularly; if an opening is available, they are quick to provide the opportunity to the next patient so each patient is taken care of. Irvine cosmetic dentist offices provide easy flow of patient care, comfortable settings for ease of the patient s minds and personal treatment for each patient. Irvine dentists look for each opportunity to help the patient through each step of their care. If the patient has a question, it should be addressed with professionalism and concern. Dr Scott Rice s Irvine dentist staff has worked with him for many years; the quality and professionalism in his office allows the patient to feel at ease in this way.

An Irvine dentist and Irvine cosmetic dentist is ready to help serve your needs. Dr Scott Rice s staff is ready to show each patient the way to a new smile.

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