Fitness Secrets For The Threee Body Types

By Chris McCombs

If there was one exercise and diet that worked for everybody, all we would ever need was one book. Want to build muscle? Consult the fitness book. Lose fat? Check the book. Look leaner for summer. Crack open the book to learn how. Unfortunately, life, and biology is a bit more complicated that. Everyone has a different physiology that demands a different approach. Understanding the different body types, and which body type you are, will help you understand what fitness plan works best for you.

The first thing you should understand is that the body type categories are not hard and fast. Most people actually have characteristics of all three, though one is usually more prominent than the others. This categorization simply gives people a way to understand what will make their fitness plan the most effective.

The first body type is called the “ectomorph.” Ectomorphs and usually really thin, and have difficulty packing on either fat or muscle. Most endurance athletes are ectomporphs, as their powerful metabolism give them loads of physical energy. If an ectomorph is looking to build muscle mass, they are going to have to up their calorie intake more so than one of the other times. Ectomorphs can also usually safely increase their fat intake by up to 1/3, but only if it is unsaturated fat. They also should make weight training, rather than cardio, their main focus, making sure to rest muscles two or three days in between workouts.


The second type, called the mesomorph, are your professional bodybuilders. They gain and lose weight impressively fast and have little difficulty packing on muscles. Even the occasional slip in the diet or missed workout routine has very little effect on their physique. For a mesomorph to reach their full muscular potential, they should eat six small meals over the course of a day rather than three large ones, making sure to add in about a gram of protein for every pound of body weight. People with this body type should weight train two to three days a week and do cardio on off days. If you are blessed with an mesomorph’s body, don’t think it gives you free reign to eat what you want and train as little as you want. Building muscle takes work, and poor health can strike anyone who is too lazy with their diet and exercise.

The last type is the endomorph, who are usually “big” people. These guys played defense in football and might have to shop at big and tall stores. They can build muscle no problem, but have difficulty losing weight. Endomorphs should work to speed up their metabolism by spreading their meals to several throughout the day. When they start an exercise program, it should be have in cardio exercises that burn fat. Once they are comfortable with their daily aerobic activity, add in weight training to start building muscle mass.

If you feel you aren’t as genetically predisposed to be as physically fit as some other people, don’t be discouraged. It takes hard work no matter what, so don’t let your genes be and excuse to get frustrated and give up. With a smart plan and a good personal trainer, almost anyone can be as fit as they want to be.

About the Author: Chris McCombs is a well known and highly in demand Huntington Beach personal trainer. His website is and contains tons of fitness tips, tricks and ideas in articles and videos.


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