Going Without Power: A Thing From The Past}

Going Without Power: A Thing From the Past


Mark Bell

Make power outages a distant memory


Going without power is a thing of the past. Everyday, generator sets are on the job, performing a wide variety of power generation tasks for all kinds of end users. From the financial district to the warehouse district to our senior assisted living facilities, standby power works to keep data centers, security systems, healthcare facilities and manufacturing plants operational – all the time.With today’s power generation technology, a properly engineered backup power system provides reliability and redundancy, which can include parallel redundant UPS systems as well as parallel generators. The concept of paralleling multiple gensets to produce greater amounts of power is not new. In fact, it is a well-proven method commonly used with large megawatt units in premium installations. And you can put that technology to work to protect your business when the power goes out.You know it’s not just the lights that go out when there’s a power outage. Everything goes. Security systems, computers, phones, heating and cooling systems – everything we depend on to do business. Although large scale outages are uncommon, think back to the big Northeast Blackout in August 2003. Within three minutes 21 power plants in the United States shut down, effectively leaving much of New York and some surrounding New England homes and businesses without power, some lost power for more than a day. And this winter has shown us once again what big weather systems like the ice storm in the northeast back in December can do.Lengthy power failures can be costly in terms of inconvenience and extra expenses. That’s why savvy business owners know that having a standby power system is a proven way to guard against power interruptions, and a wise investment to make before they experience problems.

Mark Bell is President of Empower Energy Technology – Your Alternate Power Source in the greater Atlanta, GA metro area and other parts of the southeast U.S. Empower provides comprehensive turnkey services for all aspects of standby and supplemental power systems. Our expertise includes engineering design, project management, startup/commissioning and ongoing maintenance services. Visit our website at http://www.empoweret.com.

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Going Without Power: A Thing From the Past}