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Submitted by: Akeera Sharma

Today, Georgette witnessed a rapid growth in demand all over the world.

India is renowned of its handloom fabrics. Georgette is one such unique, elegant, delicate and distinct fabric of bouncy looks, which is widely used in making saris, salwar suits, western outfits and other trimmings.

Georgette has an inevitable appraisal and emerged as a prominent winner worldwide.

Georgette, a distinctive fabric with crinkled creep-light textures of bouncy flowing looks, which is aesthetically designed with delicate and soft sheen textures, has become a comfortable, breathable and long lasting stylish fabric of women. The fabric has mingled with beautiful Indian designs and western patterns in order to gain the hearts of beholders.

Georgette is something that is always sought after, for its subtle lustre. It is basically a translucent fabric of opaque textures and crushed looks, which feels like a rough and dull fabric. It is an easily carried fabric of high absorbing quality and can be dyed in a myriad of hues and prints of various projects. Unlike some fine fabrics, georgette is also unusually strong, and it holds up well to varied wear.

There are some mythological stories around the history of Georgette. It has been said that, in 20th century, a French dressmaker (lady) introduced the first Georgette fabric to the world. It is highly believed that, Chiffon was the major source of inspiration to weave Georgette fabric. Initially in India, it was restricted to trimming and layering purposes. Later, it has become the wowing costume of women.


Previously, Georgette garments were only worn by the royal family women to show the status (as they were expensive yet elegant). Georgette was the richest fabric earlier to denote the class and hence most of the Georgette gowns were passed down through the ages. Later, Georgette became very popular and today, we are getting a wide range of varieties in Georgette.

Georgette is a textile which is traditionally made from silk, sometimes made of some synthetic fibres such as rayon, polyester, crepe and other nylon blends. However, the modern Georgette is mostly made of synthetic filaments.

Usually georgette gives out a crushed or twisted feel or effect, which is very much appreciated by viewers as it tends to bring out more of the physique figure of the woman wearing it.

Georgettes are basically of 2 types:

1. Pure Georgette

2. Faux Georgette

A fact about Georgette is, not all the georgettes are same, Pure Georgette exhibits soft roughness where as the other one exhibits rawness.

With the passage of time, the georgette fabric has been branched into 5 sub categories:

1. Jacquard Georgette fabric

2. Nylon Georgette fabric

3. Polyester Georgette fabric

4. Satin Georgette fabric

5. Silk Georgette fabric

It also comes in very bold patterns, simple prints, extensive embroideries, patch Patti works and other sequence works with contrast hues like bold shades, single solid shades, digital prints, dual colour shades etc, in order to attract the viewers.

The tendency of the fabric in order to drape very well makes it an apt choice for many women who love the soft silky yet comfortable look.

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