Hojo Magnetic Motor Review Scam Or Good

What Exactly is Hojo Magnetic Motor?

This can be a device that produces an alternative and free energy that can be used at homes which often may help eliminate home power bills permanently! If you might be into looking new “energy” devices then I hope you read on because the rest of this review may prove strongly related your preferences. Recently plans were released to help visitors to create their particular energy device according to Howard Johnson’s patented Hojo Magnetic Motor.

How Does Hojo Magnetic Motor Work?


The Hojo Magnetic Motor uses two categories of magnets as opposed to the standard one group, such groups of magnets they fit inside correct position around a rotor. The stator magnets are set in to a drum having a moving drum put inside this also is the reason why the rotor. Once the magnets are aligned properly you only need to kick start the motor with a little push and there after it will keep going it’s own. All you should do then is fasten a rubber belt for the motor and fix this to some generator and you’ve got free electricity. The plans for building the unit are contained in the downloadable package, which shows stepwise demonstrations for your construction process. It has been simplified and condensed into clearer and into more bit by bit procedures from the team at Hojo Magnetic Motor.

Hojo Magnetic Motor Guide – The Good Points

  • The Hojo Magnetic Motor Team have assemble an astounding amount of information therein 204 page guide on how magnetic energy is produced you said it it may be harnessed for significant savings on your own power bill. They have included as well a great many other practical suggestions regarding how to save energy in your own home.

  • The building plans are quite obvious enough in order that anyone can build the magnet motor that is handy by incorporating basic tools based in the home. If anyone has any doubts regarding the reliability in the guide to create a functional magnet generator the authors have included the main patent applications submitted by Dr. Johnson.

  • They’ve given detailed plans on how to construct this free energy magnetic motor from simple materials purchased from local electrical shops and/or on-line, costing about $100.

  • Of all the so-called free power-generating systems on the market today, the Hojo Magnetic Motor offers the most commitment of delivering an audio functioning product. The efficiency of the system in producing energy definitely seems to be unsurpassed by other systems I have reviewed.

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