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Home Based Vs. Office Resume Service


October 13, 2018 by 8aL3Vw

Submitted by: Teena Rose

I am sure you have considered starting any number of home businesses, but here’s something about resume writing. If you haven’t yet considered it as a possibility, maybe you should. It is a very lucrative business especially now with the economy in such a state and with so many people are out of work. 🙁

Why should you consider starting a resume business?

The changing job market is a glaring reason to look seriously at a resume-writing business as a valued business contender. The number of jobseekers on the market is outpacing the number of qualified resume writers it s that simple!

A resume business is perfect for the stay-at-home parent, or someone just seeking a viable business to run without having to acquire a j-o-b. The profit potential with a resume-writing business truly is a six-figure reality, when you factor resume writers are getting upwards of $500, $600, and more, for well-written job-search documents. How many resumes would you need to write to earn $100,000? Not as many as you think. =]

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Starting a Resume Business Where to Hang Your Shingle?

One of the biggest challenges any new resume business faces is exactly where to hang the company sign. Should I be a home-based business, or pursue the comforts of a professional office?

Starting a resume business will present a number of different challenges and questions only answerable by you. What s great about business however is the flexibility to bend it to meet your needs, and the needs of your family.

4 reasons a resume writer [you!] might ponder staying home-based or positioning ones self in an office:

#1 As with businesses in any industry, cost is undoubtedly the biggest factor. The overhead of maintaining an office can be overwhelming and these costs inevitably are passed onto the client or come out of your bottom-line profits, making a home-based resume business very ideal for cost savings.

#2 Convenience may be another prime component to consider. Maybe you would enjoy the overlap of everyday duties when home based; i.e. running the washing machine or cooking dinner while finishing a resume project. On the other side of the coin, there are reasons to maintain a business office because maybe you don t want to think about, nor see, the laundry needing your attention.

#3 Consider space availability for your intended workspace. An office will provide ample room to store office furniture, equipment, and supplies where a space-restricted home or apartment might not be so accommodating. Of course, you could easily tuck supplies in any space available; i.e. back of a closet, under a table or your child s bed. Wherever you can find room, actually! =]

#4 Ensure you can live in two worlds. Have you ever received a fax at 3:00 in the morning? What about receiving a client call promptly at 8:00 a.m.? Working with clients brings forth a slew of new challenges, and if you opt to run a home-based resume business, ensure you can deal with the issues that come along with it.

About the Author: Written by Teena Rose, author of Start Your Resume-Writing Business: The Ultimate Resource to Building a $100,000 Business (now 3rd edition)(



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