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July 3, 2017 by 8aL3Vw

Submitted by: H John Johnsen

When people look for a good bedroom decorating idea, the first thing they usually consider is bedroom furniture.

Keep in mind that you spend most of your time in the bedroom; so it should be very comfortable and sumptuous. Spending more on the linens will pay off by making the room more sensual and exciting. Dont be swayed by white sales unless you can get a good deal on high count linens. The higher the thread count; the better the softness. And; have you ever slept on sheets that feel like cardboard? The big hotel chains have it right when dealing with customers. Make the bed very comfortable and they will be back.

As a matter of fact; my wife loved a pillow so much at one hotel that she asked the manager the brand and she bought one. It was a little expensive; but she is very comfortable. Andisnt comfort what we all want?

If the room is small you should avoid crowding it with too much furniture. And; if you have a large bedroom, you should consider the scale of the items. Bigger rooms allow you to use higher and larger pieces. But overcrowding is something you should avoid. You will find that the more open space you have the more control and relaxation you will feel over your environment.

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Before you go out to shop take measurements of the room. Use a piece of paper and write down the dimensions. The sales people can help you when it comes to the furniture sizes and what will (or wont) fit. This also helps you avoid having the big problem of returning the items because they didnt fit in the room.


The type of lighting should be bright; but not glaring. Use low watt or energy saving bulbs. If you read you need a brighter bulb. Soft lighting works the best since you are in there to relax and sleep.


There are several flooring options from stone and tile to wood. However, a good choice is soft carpet for your flooring, which, unlike tile and marble, will create a cozy feeling. But; if you like hardwoods or tiles consider using throw rugs at the sides of the bed. Think about getting out of bed and stepping on a cold floor. Wouldnt it be better to step on a soft and comfortable rug?

The Final Thought

Before buying, know your tastes, and special needs. Make a plan on paper. Figure out the colors you like. Decide on the furniture style. Consider the dcor style. Once you have all these ideas down and in your head you are ready to go shopping.

Also; today stores are looking for people to buy and making deals on the sticker prices is something you should do. Ask if you can purchase floor models or wait for sales. Delivery prices can be negotiated away if you are buying a good amount of items. Shop smart and you will be happy in the end.

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