How To Make Money Sewing From Home And Stay Organized

Submitted by: JoAnn Gagnon

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You are good at what you do. You have knowledge, information, and a clear business plan. The word is out and your appointment book is full. Congrats! Where are the materials you need for your next doll clothes sewing project? You have a sale coming up and need your inventory cataloged and a mailing list targeting clients who custom order dolly clothing. Is that panic I see? You may know all about how to make money sewing from home, but what about staying organized and keeping track of all your inventory, records, and client information?

You are in good company. Staying organized is tough. It is a challenge to draw people in, make a sale, finish the project, and cover your overhead so you actually make money sewing. I remember what a clean desk looked like once upon a time. It was just an innocent piece of paper when I took my first order and then moments later I couldn t find my tape measure or scissors or remember which project came first. I was forced to develop a system. No matter what you choose, make it your own. Find a place to start and begin.


First, I suggest you buy a timer. Remember how easy it is to get lost sewing doll clothes and lose track of all the other things you need to do. Set it for no more than 30 minutes at a time and get to work. While this may sound overly simple, it is important that you STOP when the timer dings. Set it again and move on to your next task. Rotate through an hour and then give yourself 15 minutes for a cup of tea, a couple chapters in your favorite book, or a walk around the block. You heard me. Schedule a recess. Kids need it during school. You need it during work. Set it again and move on.

Face the area that scares you the most. For me it is the endless stream of paperwork that multiplies into overwhelming mountainous piles. Perhaps it s your remnants. Sort by color, style, fabric type, season, you name it. Clearly label bins and sort on shelves. Is it your notions? Get containers to help you sort out pins and lace and needles. Make this as detailed or simplistic as you want. Keep going until you can see a bit of the desk or floor or shelf, or until the timer goes off.

There are many resources out there for organization. Feel free to carefully pick through them (perhaps during your free 15 minutes) to find the tips that you can into play immediately. The purpose here is to simplify, not add more clutter.

Organize client lists, using a 3×5 card system and sort by last name. Write down the projects, patterns, products, or books they purchase and when. Now you have their history with you and at a glance you can connect with them personally and specifically. Make money sewing dolly clothing by mailing out specials and referencing past purchases. Keep a second card file where you sort by projects, patterns, products, or books and note your clients so when you want to focus on a specific item, you already have the people together who are most likely to purchase.

Whether you are currently in the midst of clutter wondering where to begin or are just starting out and wanting to ensure you never get to the chaos state, I encourage you to find what works for you. The most important piece of advice, whether sewing dolly clothing or logging inventory is: Finish what you start. Doubling back is one of the biggest business time wasters.

Your home sewing business is sure to be a success. These gentle reminders show you ways to quickly gain control and encourage you to take a break and schedule time for you. You never questioned how to make money sewing from home. Your confidence gives you the success you have today. Adding organized to you list of skills will give you peace of mind and allow your clients to put their confidence in you. Get to it!

About the Author: JoAnn seeks to encourage you on your sewing journey and instill in you a love for the exciting world of sewing doll clothes. Visit her online at


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