Improving Life In Delhi}

Improving Life in Delhi


Deepika bansal

The city of Delhi is one of the busiest places in India being that national capital. It hardly has any space left to accommodate more outsiders as it is fully choked with the ever growing population. The government of Delhi is trying to make it a better place to live since it is now so full that it seems choked.

The most glorious development in Delhi is that of Metro Train, it has become one of the most important milestones in the history of the city. In just few years, commutability has certainly become lot easier and comfortable for people. Till sometime back, it was among the major issues Delhi was dealing with but now it is all set to connect all the parts of city with each other. Everyone is exuberant with the outcome of this project while the State government is winning applauses and accolades for the same. Metro has already connected North, East and West Delhi and would bring South and Central Delhi closer soon. In fact, NCR regions of Gurgaon and Noida are going to get nearer to the city adding all the more to residents happiness.

Removal of illegal commercial establishments

Delhi is occupied with a lot of illegal encroachments due to ceaseless activities taking place. Keeping a constant vigil on developments of such illegal commercial properties like shops, banquet halls, towers, etc. sometimes gets out of hands of the government. The eruption of shops and banquets in residential areas cause a lot of disturbance and discomfort to the residents, becoming an issue of concern.


But, to address the problem, a recent order passed by Supreme Court demands closing of all the illegal shops and the banquet halls in residential spaces. The presence of shops in every 20 metres may sometimes cause comfort but is mostly a reason of trouble. Wide spaces cannot be found and even footpaths meant for pedestrians seem to have disappeared. There are more than 5 lakh illegal shops facing the heat of sealing operation in spite of the continuous protests and demonstrations. Supreme Court orders to the MCD on sealing of all the commercial establishments in residential areas would apply to banquet halls as well. They result in unnecessary traffic congestion and noise pollution for home dwellers and thus, the sealing drive is on to provide them relief from the chaos.

Not only this, the sealing sword is hanging over heads of illegal mobile tower operators as well. Most of these towers are in residential areas and are expected to move out to commercial areas. These towers are said to pose health risks by radiating harmful waves and so, are asked to find another place. Relocating the mobile towers is a problematic task that is bound to create major dislocation of service and cause inconvenience to the users. But, joint working of authorities and service providers to resolve the issue can make it a success.

Proposed Developments

Other issues addresses by government bodies include availability of car parking sites and of residential spaces.

The development of car parking sites in residential areas of Delhi property has been proposed by MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi) to address the car parking issues. This would make space for about one lakh cars on free basis and is expected to complete within a year or so. This news has brought smiles on many faces as acute shortage of parking space was another complication for the residents.

The government is working on construction of around 6, 000 houses for economically Weaker Section (EWS) of the society. In next one year, the housing for people from financially weak background would be ready for use in areas like Samaspur Khalsa in Najafgarh, Bhorgarh near Narela, etc. EIFL promises use of cost effective technology and quality housing for these people.

Living in Delhi is all set to become a completely new experience with huge developments taking place.

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Improving Life in Delhi }