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  • Maroochydore pick up first win in round 5 Australia’s Sunshine Coast Rugby Union 2021 season

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International row after Spielberg quits 2008 Beijing Olympics

The U.S. film director stepped down as artistic adviser saying that China, which has close links to the Sudanese government, should do more to address the Darfur situation. » Full story

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‘Top Model’ winner Jaslene Gonzalez on her career and being a Latina role model

Wikinews talks with America’s Next Top Model’s first Puerto Rican winner, Jaslene Gonzalez, about her childhood, what makes her a strong individual, and what television show her abuela would want her to go on. This is also the first time one of our interviews can also be read in Spanish at Wikinoticias. » Full story

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  • Maroochydore pick up first win in round 5 Australia’s Sunshine Coast Rugby Union 2021 season
  • Wynnum defeat Maroochydore in round 4 of Australia’s Sunshine Coast Rugby Union 2021 season
  • Wikinews discusses DRM and DMCA with Richard Stallman after GitHub re-enables public access to youtube-dl

FIFA World Cup 2006

FinalItaly 6-4 FranceThird place play-offGermany 3-1 PortugalSemi-finalsFrance 1-0 PortugalGermany 0-2 ItalyQuarter-finalsFrance 1-0 BrazilEngland 1-3 PortugalItaly 3-0 UkraineGermany 5-3 Argentina

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Audio Wikinews

August 06, 2010

Original reporting First-hand journalism by Wikinews reporters (More…)

  • Challenge shield introduced for Australia’s Sunshine Coast Rugby Union
  • Wikinews mourns loss of volunteer John Shutt
  • Winter storms hammer Texas, fatalities reported

Wikinews from May 8, 2008 (More…)

  • Angry driver takes out cyclist pack
  • DEA raids San Diego State University dorms
  • Leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq arrested
  • UN Secretary General releases new statement as UN aid starts to reach Myanmar

Wikinews from May 8, 2007 (More…)

  • Dunedin Subway manager sacks New Zealand worker for sharing drink, lays theft charges
  • Six arrested in plot against US army base in New Jersey
  • NASA observes largest supernova on record
  • NCAA Sports: Mid-Con name to be dropped in favor of Summit League

Wikinews from May 8, 2006 (More…)

  • Apple Corps loses court case against Apple Computer
  • Theo Walcott is the big surprise in Eriksson’s preliminary World Cup squad
  • Anti-censorship developers targeting China’s “Great Firewall”
  • Soft drink foes cheer victory, lament remaining junk foods in schools

Wikinews from May 8, 2005 (More…)

  • Satellite imagery shows viewing stand for North Korean nuclear test
  • VE Day 60th anniversary commemorated across Europe & USA
  • New Zealand recalls squid boats
  • Disneyland marks 50th anniversary

  • Wikinews interviews candidate for New York City mayor Vitaly Filipchenko
  • 3 injured in Idaho school shooting, sixth grader in custody
  • Wikinews interviews candidate for Minneapolis mayor Philip Sturm
  • Small earthquake felt in Sacramento area
  • Main Page/PrintEd
  • Sawan Kirpal Ruhani Mission Satsang Center to convert into 1,000-bed Covid Care Center
  • Wikinews interviews Jonathan Stanley, Scottish Unionist candidate for the 2021 Airdrie and Shotts by-election
  • Wikinews interviews Donald Mackay, UKIP candidate for the 2021 Airdrie and Shotts by-election
  • Belfast
  • Living with HIV during COVID-19: Wikinews talks to HIV-positive sex workers about how pandemic has affected their lives
  • Living with HIV during COVID-19: Wikinews talks to HIV-positive sex workers about how pandemic has affected their lives/20210427
  • Japanese motorcylist Shoya Tomizawa dies aged 19 after crash in San Marino
  • Plane crashes into office block in Austin, Texas/suicide note
  • Punjab
  • Australian
  • Russian submarine rescued by Royal Navy/Brief
  • TSA cuts US airport security screening personnel/Brief
  • U.S. Marines accused of assaulting Australian freed by U.S. military court/Brief
  • Actor John Fiedler, voice of Piglet and “Bob Newhart” regular, dead at 80/Brief
  • New Zealand’s South Island and southern North Island struck by storms/Brief
  • Unanimous U.S. Supreme Court rules against file swapping companies/Brief
  • Undercover investigation into protests planned for July’s G8 summit/Brief
  • ABC News anchor Peter Jennings dies at 67/Brief
  • 2007 Southland Tournament
  • 2007 Sun Belt Tournament
  • 2007 SWAC Tournament
  • 2007 Big West Tournament
  • 2007 SEC Tournament
  • Kurmanbek Bakiev sworn in as president of Kyrgyzstan/Brief
  • US helicopter with 17 on board believed to have been shot down in Afghanistan/Brief
  • Robin Cook dead after collapsing/Brief
  • Sharapova knocked out of Wimbledon 2005 in semi-final/Brief
  • 2007 WCC Tournament
  • 2007 WAC Tournament
  • Reports surface that Bush will install Bones brother to head up Plame inquiry/Brief
  • 2007 Patriot League Tournament
  • 2007 Mid-Con Tournament
  • 2007 NEC Tournament
  • 2007 OVC Tournament
  • 2007 Pac-10 Tournament
  • 2007 Southern Tournament
  • 2007 National Invitation Tournament Brackets
  • Helicopter crash in Afghanistan kills 17/Brief
  • OhmyNews forum discusses experiences in citizen journalism/Brief
  • Brazil wins Confederations Cup/Brief
  • 2007 MAAC Tournament
  • 2007 MWC Tournament
  • 2007 Big Ten Tournament
  • 2007 MVC Tournament
  • 2007 C-USA Tournament
  • 2007 Horizon League Tournament
  • 2007 CAA Tournament
  • 2007 MEAC Tournament
  • 2007 MAC Tournament
  • Space Shuttle Discovery STS-114 landing postponed for weather/Brief
  • Space Shuttle Discovery landing cancelled for today/Brief
  • Australian Foreign Affairs Minister denies knowledge of Guantanamo abuse allegations/brief
  • 2007 Big Sky Tournament
  • 2007 Big South Tournament
  • 2007 Big East Tournament
  • Football: Kežman goes to Madrid/Brief
  • Israeli soldier convicted in killing of British activist in Gaza Strip/Brief
  • Flash floods hit Australia’s eastern coast/Brief
  • Julian McGauran makes rude gesture to Australian Senate/Brief
  • Wikinews interviews specialists on China, Iran, Russia support for al-Assad/fr
  • Norway and Denmark conducting observation flights over Belarus and Russia/Brief
  • Rwandan businessmen sentenced for War Crimes/Brief
  • Bodies found at crash site of US helicopter in Afghanistan/Brief
  • 2007 A-Sun Tournament
  • 2007 Big 12 Tournament
  • 2007 America East Tournament
  • 2007 A-10 Tournament
  • 2007 ACC Tournament
  • Maciej Zurawski accepts Celtic’s offer/Brief
  • Taliban resurgent in Pakistan on enforcement of Sharia law/Interview archive
  • Lukashenko accuses foreign donators of ideological expansion/Brief
  • Lemoine Suggests: investigations from a Wikimedia Foundation news leak/Email Sue Gardner Jan 5, 2008 4:15 AM
  • Lemoine Suggests: investigations from a Wikimedia Foundation news leak/Email Sue Gardner January 7, 2008 7:53:44 PM PST
  • Congo
  • Wikinews interviews the research team behind ‘human-like’ Maia chess engine
  • Another test article for the devs
  • America
  • Hockey
  • Cambridge
  • Ba’ath Party
  • PA
  • Korea
  • WP:AWB/T
  • Pepe
  • Wikinews Shorts:Today
  • Amazon
  • Georgia
  • Danish
  • TEST PAGE:Self-publish yesterday
  • TEST PAGE:Self-publish today
  • Scientology protest group celebrates founder’s birthday worldwide/Coordination
  • George Bush
  • Trump
  • ICC
  • Hyderabad
  • Crystal Palace
  • Gendarmerie
  • The Daily Telegraph
  • White House
  • Coke
  • Obama
  • Market Data/^MXX
  • Saint Petersburg
  • St. Petersburg
  • Great Britain
  • American Civil War
  • Foreign Office
  • Ghent
  • Eid
  • Roma
  • ABC News
  • Citizens Party
  • House of Commons
  • Cleveland
  • Kurdistan
  • Newcastle
  • Baja California
  • Liberal Party
  • Trinity College
  • Yorkshire
  • Sussex
  • Green Party
  • Shelby Foote, 88, noted historian and author, dies/Brief
  • In depth: XM and Sirius merger
  • Football
  • Britain
  • Victoria
  • Tripoli
  • Taliban
  • Sarkozy
  • New York
  • Musharraf
  • Liberal Democrats
  • Delhi
  • Baath Party
  • France secures site for 10 billion euro nuclear fusion research project/Brief
  • Cypriot plane with 121 on board crashes in Greece, no passengers survive/Brief
  • Larson B ice-shelf collapse reveals exotic organisms isolated for 10,000 years/Brief
  • Plane carrying 160 crashes in Venezuela/Brief
  • Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales announces cooperation between KDE Group and Wikimedia/Brief
  • Wal-Mart heir John Walton killed in plane crash/Brief
  • Ontario Votes 2007
  • Archaeologists find 1.8M-year-old Homo erectus skull/Brief
  • Paul Winchell, voice of Tigger, Gargamel, dead at 82/Brief
  • News briefs:June 5 and 6, 2010
  • Huckabee, Obama win Iowa caucuses/Results
  • Test article for dev use
  • Babies on U.S. no-fly lists holding up passengers/Brief
  • Main Page Lite

  • Socialist Party wins the 2021 Albania election
  • As M?ori woman, New Zealand minister Kiri Allan has 13% chance of survival after cervical cancer diagnosis
  • Woman in Mali gives birth to nine babies
  • 45 crushed to death in stampede during Jewish festival
  • Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan complete troop withdrawal
  • Extraterrestrial and Ufo Research Organisation ,international to start training for Research Staff
  • Car bomb at Afghan guesthouse kills at least 30
  • Fire at Indian hospital kills 18

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