Nose Job Post Operation Reminders

Nose Job Post-Operation Reminders


Terry Bayer

If you re one of the many people who plan on getting a nose job or rhinoplasty soon, you may be worried about the surgery s effect. Many people fear enduring nose surgeries either because they are afraid it might not go well or they just don t know how to deal with post-operative treatment. This is a normal dilemma among Los Angeles residents considering rhinoplasty or nose surgery.

Los Angeles is known to be a city that provides many ways of improving and maintaining a person s appearance. The city is home to many spas and cosmetic surgery clinics to meet the needs of residents and visitors alike. Many cosmetic surgeons in the city believe that the success of a rhinoplasty often depends on how well a patient follows the aftercare procedures prescribed by the surgeon.

If you re planning to get a nose job, you might as well know how your nose should be treated after the procedure. Nose surgery aftercare measures should be taken for weeks to months after the surgery, to ensure continuous recovery. Here are some post-operation reminders that you need to know.


It is important that you avoid doing heavy physical activities after enduring a

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. This starts with you asking a family member or a friend to drive you home after the procedure. If possible, ask a trusted relative or friend to help you at home. Avoid carrying heavy objects or doing household chores for a few days after the surgery. On the first night after the procedure, you should also sleep with your head elevated.

Constipation is something that you need watch out for after a

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. The pain medications you ll be taking may cause some problems with your bowel movement. You should watch the foods you eat and make sure that you re getting a high-fiber diet. Also, take only the medication prescribed by your surgeon.

Lastly, take care of the incisions on your nose. It is advised that you avoid exposing your nose to the sun for about 12 months after the

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. A strong sunblock lotion can come in handy for this. Also, avoid blowing your nose for a week and carefully wash your hair and face. When swelling occurs, use a cold compress and call your surgeon immediately.

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