Puppies – Adorable Pets

There are billions of pet lovers across the globe and everyone loves to have all types of pets in their homes. Amongst the canines, puppies are small, miniature sized dogs which weigh less in comparison to fully grown up adult dogs. For some people, pet dogs are one of the favorites, yet some people not only love, but simply adore the smaller sized puppies. The approximate and average weight of smaller puppies may vary between half a kilogram and one and half kilograms. However, the larger one weight more than six and a half kilograms to ten kilograms. Although puppies are an early representation of the normal pet dogs, still there is a major difference between these two distinct types of pets. A puppy generally comes out in an amnion which is the membrane covers and protecting the embryo that is bit off and devoured by the female dog delivering its brood.Puppies are usually born in a litter which is normally six puppies in a litter. Healthy puppies show a phenomenal growth immediately after birth and begin to lactate soon after their birth. Where the litter goes above six, it is essential that hand feeding is required to be done by their owners for the healthy and strong puppies in order that the other puppies in the litter get appropriate nourishment from the mother dog. After a month passes after their birth, they are moved away from their mother’s feeding and are treated to solid food. Despite the fact that puppies are unable to open their eyes, they are born with fully functional senses especially their sense of smell which is often the primary sense organ that helps them to find their littermates when they are away from them even at a short distance or their mother’s teats. It is during the first fortnight that the development of their senses is extremely fast. The color of the coat of the puppy may alter as it grows up and amongst the breed of Yorkshire Terriers, it is quite common. Generally, the mother dog stops to nurse her puppies although at times it may provide it comfort by nursing it by allowing it to eat a part of its partially digested solid food.In the initial stages, puppies through their instinct remain piled up in the litter in a small mound and spend most of their time in sleeping, feeding and resting. The puppies derive a lot of comfort from physical contact with other puppies in the litter and cannot bear to be separated even for a short period or a distance. The vision of puppies is not clear and is unable to see clearly as the retinas of their eyes are not as developed as the adult dogs. Further, their ears also remained closed for a period of approximately two weeks after their birth, following which they are able to respond to sounds.Pet owners usually prefer the smaller sized puppies which are a source of delight for the entire home. Every member in the house loves to hold and cuddle the puppy. The small size, cuteness and the pint sized weight of puppies easily endear them to their owners.