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Seventeen Ways To Soar To Success


February 24, 2014 by 8aL3Vw

Submitted by: Janet Perez Eckles

The nightly news depresses me, a friend said, I don t know if I can handle more gloom about the economy, violence, and huge bills that pile up.

Remember years past? We had new opportunities, open doors, paths to grow and positions to be filled.

What happened? Without warning, the economy turned, our paychecks shrunk and our opportunities to grow financially became as likely as snow in Florida.

Unemployment statistics mock at us. The experience we gained through the years mean little. And the college degree for which we re still paying adds nothing to our resum .

In the meantime, the kids need a cell phone, new shoes, a new video game. And we ourselves end up playing the debt- collector s game.

I feel anxious, my friend added, And fear taunts like never before.

Her sentiment mirrors millions who go to bed restless, worried and overwhelmed by the rough ride in these stormy waters of tough times. With each day, overcoming anxiety, stress and fear becomes more elusive.

The secret is not changing the circumstances, but changing how we view them. When blindness struck this writer, the possibilities to work decreased. The hope for a full life dwindled. And the expectation to reach success vanished.

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But when choosing to look beyond blindness, beyond impairments and obstacles, all changed. Attitude was transformed from gloom and discouragement to drive and determination. The lack of sight remained, but the outlook changed, ushering personal and professional success.

We don t have to fret about changing the circumstance out of our control. Instead we can change the boat we ride. Tossing out dim notions, we don t have to ride the waves of uncertainty. There s another option. Another sailboat. One that takes us through calmer waters and offers more secure paths.

If we decide to hop in this sailboat to success, we need to gather these insights to fill our mind and fuel our passion for the journey:

1.More effective than sleeping pills is slipping gratitude into our thoughts.

2.We know defeat when our feet refuse to step out the puddle of discouragement.

3.Pain is like a bucket of water. The longer we hold onto it, the heavier it gets.

4.Forgiveness sparks the freshness of freedom.

5.Turmoil can only boil when fueled by worry.

6.Focus not on the real estate you hold, but on the One who holds the real state of your destiny.

7.Diligent correction dissolves the cycle of guilt.

8.The green of envy highlights our worst features.

9.Life tastes better when seasoned with kind words.

10.Drive starts a project; endurance leads to results.

11.Patience is the muscle that strengthens the soul.

12.We know compassion only when love becomes our passion.

13.Anger visits places where fear dwells.

14.We miss the beauty ahead when gazing into the rearview mirror of life.

15.Broken plans are often the detours of life taking us through more pleasant scenery.

16.Resentment clogs the pipe of peace.

17.Positive attitude is the passport to places others fear.

No matter the obstacles or the mountains in our path, we can choose to navigate through waters that take us through a peaceful journey, promise a fresh tomorrow and sing victory at every turn.

About the Author: Janet Perez Eckles is an expert in triumphing over painful adversity. Her insights presented in her writing and inspirational speaking show the path to overcome heartache, relationship conflicts, physical impairments, and emotional storms.Following her example and the practical steps in her book, Trials of Today, treasures for Tomorrow: Overcoming Adversities in Life, you can begin your own path to triumph today at


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