The Mattel U Create Music System Review

The Mattel U-Create Music System Review


Paul G White

New from those inventive minds at Mattel Inc. comes the Radica U-Create Music System. U-Create Music is a small, plastic console that is designed to allow children to be creative and make their own music to share with friends and family. Using the Radica U-Create Music System, children can indulge in their creativity and have a whole lot of fun making and mixing new songs that they can then save and listen to whenever they feel like it.

The device is extremely easy to use right out of the box so that children can get started playing around with it right away with very little preparation. It works by a system of musical loops, in which certain beats and musical sequences are repeated over and over. These loops can be combined together and switched around in order to create a masterpiece that any child is going to thoroughly enjoy. The system contains enough dedicated memory for musical loops to hold a whopping 85 seconds worth in total, which is quite a lot considering that loops are generally only a few seconds in length. Children can record their own voices into the song, or plug in an MP3 Player to record beats from other songs that they can then re-mix into their own songs.

A big, blue, blinking button on the console is the “distortion rocker”, which will distort the sound being played in fun and interesting ways. Children can feel a little bit like a world class DJ as they add a little bit of scratch with a touch of their fingers or add other wildly creative effects to their songs. There’s even a tempo slider that children can use to radically slow down the pace of their music, or speed it up on the fly in order to insert some great effects. Free music packs are also available to download, in such genres as rock, country, techno, pop, and much more.

The Radica U-Create Music System hooks up easily to your child’s home computer via USB, it’s compatible with both Mac and PC systems, and children can save their recorded songs and share them with their friends with a few clicks of the mouse. Mattel releases updates and additional resources on a regular basis, so children can feel confident knowing that their capabilities with their U-Create Music console are only going to improve as their resources and musical talents grow.

The U-Create Music System can be easily hooked up to any external audio speakers in order to create rockin’ sounds for any audience. Children will love the way that they can easily make new musical masterpieces and impress all their family and friends, and parents will love the way their children are becoming interested in artistic expressions like music and how they have a new outlet to express their boundless creativity.

Because of how easy it is to use, and how well it allows children to be creative and have fun making their own music to share with family and friends, the U-Create Music System is definitely a great buy for any young child who shows an interest in creating great music.

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