The Power Of 15 Minutes To An Organized House

By Judith Davis

Being a stay at home mom you would think I have a spotless organized house. One of those homes that is ready for company at any given time. You would be wrong. I have to say that I think there are a lot of other stay at home moms that do not have organized house either.

It seems to take a certain type to be able to keep a house like that. An organized house just is not in the cards for me, unless I harness the power of the fifteen minutes. What does fifteen minutes have to do with an organized house? Well quite a bit if you sit and think about it. What can you do in fifteen minutes that will give your house that organized house look?

Fifteen Minutes to Clean floors – It takes me fifteen minutes to sweep and swiffer my tile floors downstairs. This is the entrance to my house. This is where people get the first impression. Where better to use your fifteen minutes to a better organized house?


Fifteen Minutes to Clean the stove top – This chore may take less than fifteen minutes. But it is a chore that often times we put off until we have to do it. This makes our homes less like an organized house. Take that fifteen minutes and clean the top of your stove. I didn’t say the oven. Just the wipe down the outside. Even take a second to wipe down the stove hood. A fifteen minutes well spent to a more organized house.

Fifteen minutes to a vacuumed carpet – I think most of these fifteen minutes is spent empting the canister. I don’t have much carpet downstairs. It doesn’t take long at all. In fifteen minutes I can pour deodorizer on the carpet. I empty the vacuum. I still have time left to vacuum the living room and dining room floor. A carpet of an organized house that I could invite company into.

Fifteen minutes to dust the living room – We all have the concept that an organized house has no dust. Some don’t it’s true. If you take your fifteen minutes to just dust the stuff you have in your living room. It is the room in the house that you would invite people into. Just dust the things in the line of vision. If you have a lot of knick knacks this may take longer. If you have less it won’t take as long. Either way it is a fifteen minutes well spent.

Fifteen minutes to clean mirrors and screens – Take those fifteen minutes to clean those mirrors. Grab a coffee filter and your windex. Go through your house getting all the mirrors and screens. By screens I mean TV and computers. Nothing like making you feel like you live in and organized house than being able to look in that mirror by the door and seeing it sparkle.

Now I am not saying to take all these fifteen minutes at one time. Just break down what you want to get done. It looks like a lot less when you look at it in little chunks. You don’t even have to do it all in one day. Do your sweeping and swiffering on one day. Do your vacuuming and dusting another. The point is to spend your fifteen minutes doing something. It doesn’t take much to get to that organized house look that we all want.

About the Author: Judith Davis has been a stay at home mom for 12 years. She works from home and manages 4 busy kids and a business.


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