Three Things To Expect From Direct Cremation Service In Ledyard

byAlma Abell

Before a person passes, they should have their funeral expectations set so their family knows what their wishes are. While a burial is one of the most common methods, others may choose a different route. They may not want their family to carry the burden of planning a full-length funeral. Instead, some will want a direct cremation that requires no service at all. Before choosing this method, however, it is important to note these three things to expect from Direct Cremation Service in Ledyard.

The Family Receives No Ceremony


While it may seem fine for some to choose the direct route, they should first consider their families and how they might feel. With direct cremation, there is no ceremony held at all. They will only receive the ashes once all is said and done. Some families may want the chance to have a proper service in order to mourn the loss of their loved one. Without this, it may feel too final, too fast. Anyone choosing this method would do well to discuss it with their family first.

The Cost is Smaller

If someone is planning on being directly cremated, yet their family does not agree, they can sell them on the point that the cost is smaller than that of a full service funeral. Since the process is done quickly and there is no ceremony involved, the price will be cheaper to have it done. This can save the family a great deal of money at the end, which is something to consider if they are currently wondering how they will manage to pay the costs.

Any Items With the Deceased Will Be Cremated As Well

If the arrangement has been made for someone to be cremated, the family needs to be sure only the specific items they want with them are there. Whoever is designated to pick up the body and have it cremated will take along any accompanying items. If these items are meant to remain with the family and not be cremated as well, then members of the family will need to pick them up beforehand.

Direct Cremation Service in Ledyard is becoming a common choice, as many people do not wish to put their families through the expensive process of holding a funeral. This way, everything is done quickly and easily, with no ceremony needing to be held. Anyone currently considering direct cremation can visit Mystic Funeral Home.