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March 22, 2018 by 8aL3Vw

Submitted by: Janny Muller

We see quite a lot of Android apps and prefer the best alternatives for recording calls that we could come across. You can get several applications on Google Play Store which are free of cost with a monthly trial facility of experiencing the use of this app. But for this, you need to first check whether this application integrates to your Smartphone or not, as this app is not applicable to every smart device.

This call recorder application comes with exclusive features and gives you excellent sound quality of recording voice notes and calls. It also facilitates you to record a continuing conversation and hoard the audio recordings to the handset. There are numerous excellent possible uses for recording calls via this app. Not least amongst which is recording the information like tracking an interview, speeches, lectures, collecting evidence of fake and abusive calls or audio from your environs this could be the best application for you. You can record voice notes via Microphone which is a common source of recording in every Smartphone.

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The unique feature of this call recorder android app is that it can record both sides of the calls i.e. incoming and outgoing calls. At the time of recording calls, you will experience a beep free recording. You get a clear recording with high sound quality also with background noise regardless of volume level. This application does have a sole vigilant feature that it automatically deletes calls and older call options as the storage capacity gets occupied and inbox is also filled. You should be very cautious while using this app in order to save your important message and call recordings. This is possible by making a slight change in your default setting. The three by default, setting when enabled will allow you to erase calls as new calls fill in. This setting records the entire calling details that have taken place. You also have the option of ignoring contact and ignoring everything that you wish to.

Once the conversations are recorded, it is uploaded and stored on Gmail, Google drive, Drop box, Evernote and inbox. In so far as call perimeter is concerned, you can record a discussion based on the SD card memory of phone certainly. You get a 30 day trial for free. This call recorder app is undoubtedly the best one to make investment on. The user interface, inbuilt in this app is very easy to operate.

The basic function of this application is to trace all outgoing and incoming calls. This app records conversations with clear and excellent sound quality whichs been claimed by app makers. There are multiple apps that do come with a warranty. But this recording application has an additional benefit of providing users with warranty extension.

There are quite a lot of recorder applications that are android based, but hardly any are worth and the effort it takes to download and use them. Whatever the case may be, if you have to record a telephonic conversation, we think that this call recorder app is the pick.

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