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In fact, the foundations of your house can only get damaged after prolong exposure to water which is quite rare. The reasons for a leaky basement are more like a chain reaction that takes place. The following should explain to you how a leakage develops in basements.

1. The first fact here is that your basement will be surrounded by natural soil around your house which is susceptible to natural elements.

2. The most potent natural element is water, and soils of all types are known to be very receptive to moisture or even liquid water.

3. Now, the soils around your house can become so saturated that the water almost drips from it. In most cases, the saturation happens due to external circumstances such as heavy rains.

4. Simultaneous to this, it is not very rare for your basement walls to develop cracks due to the process of time, wear and tear.


5. The saturated water in the soil hence finds it easy to enter your basement.

As mentioned above, a leaky basement, although not dangerous in most cases, can create some very unpleasant situations for you. The following are some examples.

1. In some situations, due to prolonged exposure, the leaky basement can reduce the life of the building.

2. The most common problem with a leaky basement is that it leads to the growth of mold and mildew in your basement, because all mold and mildew spores need to grow is some moisture.

3. This mold and mildew in your basement can become a health hazard for you and your family because they are known to promote diseases.

4. Furthermore, moisture can also have a major effect on organic things like cloth and wood which, in turn, means that they will rot.

Basement waterproofing is done to prevent these things from happening in your own house and inconveniencing you in the long term. However, basement waterproofing is a highly technical project which cannot be handled by amateurs or people who are not qualified. This is why you need to have basement waterproofing done from experts like Clarke Basement Systems. Ideally, basement waterproofing systems should be done by professionals who have the following:

1. Proper qualification:

Proper qualification, in practical terms, just means that your basement waterproofing systems experts, like Clarke Basement Systems, should have proper certifications from reliable authorities.

2. Reliability:

The reliability of a firm can only be seen on the basis of what kind of tie ups it has. For example, with Clarke Basement Systems, you will not only get professional work done by a member of the Basement Systems Incorporated worldwide body of basement system experts but also find that the project is under warranty by National Basement Systems.

Consequently, as is visible from all the information above, you should always get basement waterproofing systems from qualified and trustworthy professionals such as those provided by Clarke Basement Systems.

One of the biggest problems faced by homeowners is how to waterproof their basement to keep it dry and leak free. Our goal at Clarke Basement Systems is to keep our customer s basements and crawl spaces dry by using our proven waterproofing solutions.

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