What You Can Expect When You Need A Bail Bond Agency?

byAlma Abell

When an individual is arrested and taken to the police station the first thing that happens is that the individual is booked. During the booking process the details of the person are taken including fingerprints, mug shots and all details of the accusation are logged. From there the accused will be arraigned where a plea is entered, in most cases the plea is not guilty. At that time the judge will set bail for the temporary freedom of the accused, the amount of bail is normally commensurate with the crime although it can be pre-set for certain offenses or even the individuals recognizance.


If the amount of bail set by the court is more than can be paid by the accused, he or she will approach an agency that provides bail bonds in Minnesota. The bail bond agency will demand that the accused put up a percentage of the amount personally, usually 15 percent. The remainder is put up by the bail bonding agency. This money is designed to ensure that the accused appears in court on the day specified by the judge, if the individual does not show up; the bail bondsman will hire a bounty hunter who will attempt to locate and bring him into court. If this individual is successful a monetary reward will be paid by the agency that provided the bail bonds in Minnesota in the first place.

When a person finds himself arrested and accused of committing a crime, there is a time period between the date of the arrest and the date set for a court appearance. Rarely would the accused want to stay incarcerated during this period so bail for temporary freedom is set. One of the underlying premises of the US justice system is that the accused is considered innocent until proven otherwise so a judge will let the accused out of jail on bail. This temporary release is contingent on the accused being able to put up the amount of money as collateral for return to court.

If the crime in question is serious, the court will normally ask for a very large amount of bail, many accused cannot pay this so they turn to an agency that provides bail bonds in Minnesota to post it on their behalf. When the accused does show up for trial, the bail money is returned to the agency, including the 15 percent posted by the accused, this is the agencies profit.

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