Why Choose India For Medical Tourism?

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The number one reason most people consider medical tourism for the first time is money. What nearly every medical tourism destination has in common is that medical procedures are performed in those destinations for less money than in the patients home country. With savings being the primary motivation for the great majority of medical tourism the destination can become a non-issue, taking the backseat to other concerns.

Medical is very much the more important half of medical tourism but the choice of destination should by no means be an idle one. If the medical procedure you need is available in more than one destination where you have it performed determines a great many factors: The numbers of procedures the medical staff has performed; the number of English speakers; the lodging, sightseeing and comfort of your traveling companions; the atmosphere of your initial recovery; transit time; corollary medical procedure availability and, not least, their experience in dealing with medical tourists, Americans in particular.

Being well-informed about the relative merits of your medical tourism destination options is key to choosing the best location in which to be treated. Here’s what you want to know about one of the most popular medical tourism destinations: India.

The Skinny

Medical tourism is a fast-growth industry in India, fueled by the out of proportion growth of medical costs throughout the world. The value of India’s medical tourism sector is expected to reach $2 billion in fiscal year 2012 and about 150,000 western patients visit the country every year for procedures as varied as eye surgery and hip resurfacing.


The Bill

Medical care in India starts at around 1/10th the cost of a procedure in America and goes up to about 1/3rd, with cosmetic procedures on the low extreme and dental on the upper end. It’s no exaggeration that a five day trip within America can easily cost much more than a much longer vacation in India with medical and spa treatments included.

The Travel

You can expect to spend 15 – 20 hours traveling to India. You will land in a major city and, if you choose a provider like Med Journeys (www.medjourneys.com) you won’t have to travel any further. Otherwise, you may end up spending another few hours traveling to your final destination.

Medical Care In India

India is well known for world-class, internationally accredited hospitals. Again, go with a company such as Med Journeys that only sends patients to JCI accreddited hospitals, ensuring the care is as good or better as would be received back home in the states. Indian physicians are famously caring and gentle, tourist-available hospitals have access to internationally educated faculty and staff as well as the finest medical technology available. While outside the hospitals India has a reputation for less than stellar hygiene, within clinic walls that reputation is completely reversed. Throughout the world India is known for capably and reliably performing complex and important procedures such as heart surgery, organ replacement and orthopedic surgery. While not reaching the volume of Brazil for cosmetic procedures, India’s medical tourism offerings do include breast augmentation and reduction, tummy-tucks and so forth at sizeable discounts and excellent quality. By and large the best medical treatment to receive in India is a procedure you need. Pain reduction dentistry, lower spinal surgery, vision improvement: As one of the most populous countries on earth, you can expect to receive a very well practiced, expertly trained and educated physician to perform your procedure.


As anyone who’s spent time near the equator can tell you, wherever the summers are hot, the locals know how to relax. India is no exception. You can easily find excellent accommodations for very low prices wherever in India you may end up. Expect to be treated like royalty without breaking a pauper’s purse. Now, don’t make the mistake of thinking that every hotel in India can be had for a handful of rupees – the best hotels in Mumbai run upwards of several hundred US dollars a night. But, if you want to convalesce in comfort you can do far worse than India. For the cost a motel six it is entirely possible to find an entire home and staff. For those of you who telecommute be sure to buy your return ticket before you depart – or you may not want to come home. Reputable medical tourism companies will help you find the right accommodations for you and your guest or family member. The low cost of comfort in India is a huge draw.


To understate things a little: India is big. The tourism opportunities are almost beyond compare and, when practicing some common sense tourist safety procedures, is not dangerous at all. Again, the price of comfort is so low it’s amazing, but being so big if you want to see much of India it’ll take some time and plenty of travel; not what a recovering patient is looking for. Within the city you’ll be staying in, however, you are guaranteed some excellent sightseeing opportunities. In Mumbai, for example, it is possible to see amazing and impressive architecture as well as the Kanheri Caves, the ancient centers of budhism, preserved within Mumbai’s national park. Let’s not forget world famous zoos, theater and cuisine!

The Roundup

All-in-all India is the world medical-tourism standard. Inexpensive, friendly, safe and even fun India does everything right. The only reason you would definitely choose another destination is for tourism’s sake, travel time or because the procedure you want is offered more expertly or less expensively elsewhere. For information on India, other medical tourism opportunities, visit www.medjourneys.com.

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