Buy To Let Insurance 3 Key Things To Get Cover For

By Erica Rimell

If you’re a landlord in the UK and you’re looking for a buy to let insurance policy, you’ll probably need to understand exactly what is available. Making the choice to get one of these policies is the first step once you have become a commercial landlord.

You may have a few questions when it comes to your buy to let insurance policy. Some of the main questions could be, just what you should get coverage for? What do you need and what would just be superfluous? Obviously answers to these depend largely on your circumstances.

There are some key essentials, however, that almost any landlord would benefit from having. So start with those and choose a policy that you can upgrade as necessary.

Rent contingency coverage


One of the biggest advantages of buy to let insurance is that you’re covered in case a person fails to pay rent. There are many reasons why a tenant will withhold rent. Maybe he’s having financial difficulties or maybe he’s waiting for you to fix something in the house. Maybe he has just decided to leave the property. In any of these instances, having buy to let insurance coverage could allow you to claim the value of the lost rent while the problem is being sorted out. You should also look into an added policy offering that gives you the ability to draw rent while you’re searching for new tenants.

Property damage coverage

If you are renting out a property that’s furnished, this is even more important. The majority of buy to let insurance policies will offer coverage on your property’s structure in case a tenant decides to inflict damage. Some will let you add personal possessions to this list, too. This way, you can make the property more appealing to potential tenants by offering to leave your couches, televisions, or other items that you don’t need. With this kind of coverage, you can replace any item that an unruly tenant sees fit to damage.

Legal contingency coverage

Though no one ever plans on being sued, there is always the possibility looming. What if something happens on your property and a guest is injured? What if your tenant slips down a flight of stairs that have broken? These things do happen, and you will be relieved if you have insurance cover on your side. Certain buy to let policies will give you cover against legal liability and they can even cover legal fees, too. This is a great bonus and it can take a lot of the worry off of your mind. Being sued is no fun, but it becomes easier when you have an insurance company willing to settle for you.

Thought should be given to protecting yourself against disasters like flooding and mudslides if you live in an area where these are widespread. Depending on your location, these can be the most important cover options to keep in mind when you are considering a policy.

About the Author: Letprotector is a specialist

buy to let insurance

provider. Policies can be configured to cover a wide area of risk. Portfolio landlord insurance is provided online as well as

insurance for buy to let



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Saving Money}

Saving Money


Carson DanfieldAt some stage you will want to begin saving money to cover costs that will be occurring in the future, however until you have paid off your debt that is costing you money in interest and penalties it is not wise to save money.You need to reduce and eliminate your debt thereby cutting off the drain on your income that is required to cover the interest costs and by doing so you will be gaining a lot more benefit than trying to build up a surplus of funds in your account.You will always earn less money from the interest of funds invested than it will be costing you for the interest you are paying on your debts.Because of this if you were to save money and not pay off debts it would be a backward step as it is in effect costing you the difference between the after-tax interest you could be earning on your investment money and the full amount of interest that you are paying on your debt.In addition to paying interest on your debt often you will be missing out on discounts for early payment of accounts and this is an additional ‘saving’ in effect that you will be losing out on by not making payments on time.The best action you can always take is to reduce debt where possible unless that debt is associated with an income earning asset or something that you will make a capital gain on over and above the expenditure that you have to make on the interest by having that debt.Once you have cleared all your debt then you can start thinking about making savings but it is not a good business decision to do that before the due time even though it might make you feel good.Eliminate your most costly debts first, the rest of your debts second and then start saving your excess funds when all else has been taken care of.

Carson Danfield is an “Under the Radar” Internet Entrepreneur who’s been quietly selling various products for the last 8 years.

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Agent Dealing In Bahamas Rental Property Tells Why Bahamas Real Estate Holds Value

By Rachel Pinder

NASSAU, BAHAMAS There isn’t a lot a homeowner can do to protect themselves when housing prices slip. Often, the only course of action is to ride out the tough times and hope that brighter days are ahead.

But what if an investor could purchase a home in an area where property values seemed to be insulated from tough economic times? Of course, nothing is fool-proof, but Bahamas real estate has a long track record of maintaining healthy property values for homeowners and investors.

Rachel Pinder, principle broker of Island Living Real Estate, a Nassau, Bahamas rental properties resource and real estate agency, said there is a number of factors that make Bahamas homes for sale an investment that does more than hold- it increases in value over time.

One reason is the country’s tax structure. Bahamas homeowners pay no capital gains tax when reselling their property, Pinder said. They also dont pay taxes on dividends, corporate earnings personal income, inheritance and sales.

Another factor that plays a role is is the fact that the Bahamas is an island nation.


“There are limited resources,” Pinder said. That means that high demand helps drive prices up.”

There also is a strong demand for Bahamas rental property. People looking to invest in houses or Bahamas condos for sale have practically endless opportunities to generate income from their properties when they aren’t using them for personal use. People frequently secure short-term vacation rentals in the area, and a high number of ex-patriots who come to the Bahamas to work for international companies are in need of rentals.

The private banking industry is well-established and essentially is minimally affected during times of global recession, which is another factor that weighs in favor of investors in Bahamas properties.

Finally, the Bahamas remain a prime tourist destination, due to the crystal blue waters surrounding the islands that present myriad opportunities for fishing, diving, boating and other activities, Pinder said. Ten golf courses in the Bahamas, coupled with year-round beautiful weather make the islands a popular golf destination.

About Island Living Real Estate

Rachel Pinder is the principle broker of Island Living Real Estate. Along with her team of brokers, Hazel Wicky, Brenda Knowles and Anthony Wells, the company has more than 25 years of experience in real estate sales and development throughout the Bahamas.

Island Living has Realtors available to assist buyers and sellers with all their real estate needs.

Island Living’s main office is located in one of Nassau’s oldest historic buildings on Bay Street, named Red Roofs.” Red Roofs was built in 1896 and has been home to various families, a Gourmet Deli and now Island Living.

Island Living Real Estate- bringing the life of the islands to your front door!

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Homes for Sale

or you would like additional information about

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in Nassau, call for a consultation with a real estate agent: 1-242-322-7979/80.


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Found Money Management… Financial Planning For Middle Income Families Made Easy And Profitable!

By Lew Nason

“What’s so different about the Found Money Management concepts, verses the Circle of Wealth, Missed fortune, Infinite Banking and LEAP concepts?”

Found Money Management is much more than a selling system. It’s a complete financial philosophy for helping Middle Income Families to “Live Debt and Truly Wealthy,” without them spending any additional money, or changing their current life style! It’s about helping people to understand and face the serious financial challenges we are all encountering right now, and then helping them to reposition their money and spending to achieve financial security and independence for the future. As the late Loren Dunton, the creator and founder of Financial Planning, said: “It’s about helping average people to learn how to spend, save, invest, insure and plan wisely for the future, to achieve financial independence.”

Found Money Management incorporates many of the best financial concepts presented in the Circle of Wealth, Missed Fortune, Infinite Banking and LEAP systems… And, these concepts are NOT New! They are the proven, ‘timeless’ financial concepts that most of the wealthiest people in the world have used for centuries to accumulate their wealth. And, they are the same concepts that have been used by many of the top producers in the financial services industry for decades. We’ve been using and training agents on how to adapt and use these sound financial concepts for the past 26 years.

Below are just some of the major differences between Missed Fortune, Infinite Banking, LEAP, Circle of Wealth… and Found Money Management.

The First Major Difference is that the Missed Fortune, Infinite Banking and LEAP systems are designed primarily to be used with the more affluent prospects. For example: The underlying premise behind each of these sales concepts is that you get your prospects to put as much of their money as they possibly can, as quickly as they can, into a cash value life insurance policy! In many cases, they just expect prospects to magically come up with the money from their current income. And/Or, they must come up with the money for the increased mortgage payments.

Would you agree that very few people, except the wealthy, have any extra money?

Using the Found Money Management concepts you’ll discover how to help your middle income prospects to ‘Find The Money’, so they can take advantage of these concepts without spending any additional money, or changing their current life style!

The Second Major Difference is that working with more affluent prospects (the wealthy) puts you in direct competition with all the other advisors out there. Doesn’t that make it much more difficult to set appointments and to close sales? Using the Found Money Management strategies, you’ll learn how to tap into the virtually untapped Middle Income Family market and avoid all that competition! And, you’ll close more sales!!!

The Third Major Difference is the Circle of Wealth, Missed Fortune, Infinite Banking and LEAP systems are primarily just sales systems. They don’t have a solid marketing, prospecting and appointment setting program that is transferable and puts you in front of your ‘Ideal Prospects’ on a daily basis. Would you agree that it doesn’t matter how good a sales system is, if you don’t have a continuous stream of people to see? Using the Found Money Management philosophies you’ll soon be attracting a steady stream of the ‘Right’ highly qualified prospects. You’ll have More Leads, More Appointments and More Sales!

Other Major Differences include:

Found Money Management is ‘NOT’ about ‘Harvesting Home Equity’ (refinancing) to put large amounts of money into cash value life insurance. In fact, many of the cases do not involve refinancing at all!

When refinancing is appropriate for the clients situation, we ‘DO NOT’ recommend using an Option ARM to remove home equity! In fact, in my 26 years using these concepts I have never recommended, or used an Option ARM with my clients!


You’ll learn the ‘Proper’ ways to use home equity!

All of their systems are very complicated. Found Money Management is a much simpler, common sense approach to helping people

You don’t have the exorbitant cost of their systems and their training! Their systems are $4,000 and more upfront, with annual re-licensing fees!

You are generally forced to sign up with one of their primary companies and take lower commissions to get the ongoing training and support you need with their systems!

Finally, we charge considerably less for our system, with ongoing training! And, we are not recruiters!

The Found Money Management Marketing Difference

The Basic Premise

We believe that Middle Income Families are a virtually untapped market. And, you won’t have the competition with all the other advisors. Many Middle Income Families are struggling financially and are looking for real help, which makes them much easier to see.

Consider, until now, most Middle Income Families have been at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to managing money and accumulating wealth. Most of the financial information being passed on by the major publications and many of the self-proclaimed financial experts is really geared towards people who are already wealthy. These are the people who can afford to take risks with their money.

These wealthy people live in a different world. They are not concerned about qualifying for college financial aid, so their children can afford to go to college. They are not concerned about eliminating debt to improve their cash flow, so they can afford health insurance, or put braces on Samantha’s teeth. They don’t have to worry about whether there will be food on the table or a roof over their family’s head, if something happens to them.

Our objective is to show you how to truly help Middle Income Families by using the little known, unconventional strategies that the wealthy have used for decades to accumulate and hold on to their money. The reason most Middle Income families continue to struggle today is because the conventional financial wisdom that has been passed on from generation to generation doesn’t work to accumulate wealth. This conventional wisdom is what our grandparents learned they had to do to survive during the tough economic times, such as the great depression.

The Basic Concepts

We’ve developed a unique educational financial presentation, to help people see and understand the financial problems they are facing today. Then we help them see there are simple solutions, based on many of the concepts found in the Missed Fortune, Circle of Wealth, Infinite Banking and LEAP. We’ve tailored these concepts to help you to correctly and ethically help Middle Income families to:

Reduce Or Eliminate Consumer Debt! – Families need real help to ‘Find the Money’ to break the chains of debt.

Maximize The Amount They Can Invest From Current Income! – Families need your help to Find The Money to put into savings.

Guarantee The Safety Of Their Investment Principal – With the recent losses in the stock market, most Middle American families recognize they can’t afford to lose any more of their hard earned money.

Minimize Income Taxes – Is there any question that income taxes can significantly reduce the amount of money available for savings!

Position Their Money To Provide Current Liquidity – Families need to have access to their money, without penalties, prior to age 65, for college, emergencies and other family expenses.

Maximize Investment Income – It’s not how much money you’ve accumulated. It’s how much income you have to spend. Tax Free provides more spendable retirement income than Tax Deferred!

We’ll show you how to make a real difference in peoples lives!

The Found Money Management System!

Using the Found Money Management marketing and sales system, you’ll learn how to:

Be in front of ’40’ of the Right Qualified Prospects every month, using proven lead generation techniques, including low-cost client educational workshops, joint ventures, endorsements, dinner seminars and more…

Set Appointments With 9 Out of 10 of Your Ideal Prospects

Close 9 Out of 10 of Your Sales…

Earn an Average Commission of $5,000 – $12,000 per Householdand you’ll be earning $20,000 to $90,000 per month, every month!

Become the Respected Financial Advisor Middle American Families Want To See!

If you really want to help your family, friends, clients and prospects to “Live Debt Free and Truly Wealthy” and make a solid, high six figure income, then it’s time to find out more about us and our Proven, ‘Turnkey’ Found Money Management system.

And, It Doesn’t Matter What Life Insurance Sales System You Are Currently Using…

Whether you are using the LEAP, Missed Fortune, Infinite Banking, Circle of Wealth, or one of the various ‘College Funding’, ‘Equity Management’ or ‘Mortgage Early Payoff’ sales systems. The twelve (12) breakthrough marketing strategies, with our personal coaching will put you in front of more of the ‘RIGHT’ life insurance prospects in one month, than most agents will see in an entire year. And, when you really learn how to help your prospects to ‘find the money’ to fund the strategies in those systems, you’ll consistently close more sales.

There simply isn’t a better, easier and more cost effective way for you to learn how to help families and sell large cash value life insurance policies!

About the Author: Claim your free Report “How to Attract & Sell Your Perfect Prospects” at

Where you’ll learn how to make 6-figures a year in insurance.


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Crafts For Baby Shower Decorating

By Criss White

Planning a baby shower? Baby showers are a great opportunity for artistic people to make their own decorations and gifts. Here are some fine ideas for baby shower crafts:

1) Baby shower gift baskets – Gift baskets are a great baby shower centerpiece or gift. Many of the items in the basket can be handcrafted. Some ideas include candles, soap, ceramic figurines, and personalized jelly jars.

2) Diaper cakes – A diaper cake is an easy to make gift or centerpiece for a baby shower. This is a great gift idea for the person hosting and planning the shower. Basically, get a lot of diapers and attach them together with pins or glue. You can use towels or blankets to wrap around the outside of each layer and add a teddy bear or other centerpiece on top of the diaper cake. The new mother will have plenty of diapers and gifts she can use from the diaper cake and it looks great as a centerpiece too.


3) Baby Bottle centerpiece – A large baby bottle centerpiece is a great idea for baby showers. The bottle can be filled with candy, nuts, and other treats for your guests. The bottle can be made of clay or ceramics and hardened in an oven. It can then be painted and glazed. You can also purchase plastic bottle centerpieces and then use artwork to design a personalized label.

4) Baby shower candles – Another fine idea for baby shower crafts is making themed candles. A simple way to do this is get some cookie cutters or molds shaped in baby themed items, like rubber ducks or teddy bears. Instead of cookie batter, fill the molds with hot wax and insert wick. The candles can also be painted and make great decorations for the dinner table.

5) Banners and streamers – You can design your own banners and streamers for baby showers. With a graphics program on your computer, play around with different colors and fonts to see which ones look best. You can save your artwork to disk and take it to your local printer to have them print out full size banners. For an added touch, attach pacifiers or mini pacifiers to the banners when you hang them around the walls.

There are so many great ideas for making your own baby shower decorations and gifts. With just a little time and effort, you can make your baby shower a memorable occasion.

About the Author: Criss White is a professional web writer on baby and new mother topics for baby and pregnancy websites. To see other related items, go to Baby Shower Crafts (

) and Baby Shower Favors to Make (

). Note: If you find this article useful, you may reprint it on your website, e-zine, or in your newsletter as long as the credits above remain in tact and the hyperlinks stay active.


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Roger James Hamilton: The Secret Mantras Of The King Of Entrepreneurship

Roger James Hamilton: The Secret Mantras of the King of Entrepreneurship


Corwin Smith

Is your entrepreneurial success a result of a plan or a result of your passion? Do you focus on experimenting? Roger James Hamilton asks you these questions. Not only this, but he can also help you find answer for these questions. He says:

“Great entrepreneurs do not create success. They create the conditions for success to occur. Only by giving luck the chance to happen, will you happen on wealth by chance.”Roger James Hamilton

and his Wealth Dynamics are talked more like mantra by entrepreneurs today. Born in Hong Kong and educated in Trinity College and Cambridge University, this renowned personality is the creator of comprehensive wealth management system . He is known for his enterprising skills and has been successful in number of ventures like publishing, training, franchising, coaching, event management and education. He is the co-founder of XL Group, which is a network of entrepreneurs and change makers. He is a great speaker who fascinates entrepreneurs and change makers around the world. His wealth dynamics profiles have its base in the iChing, which is thousands of years old and directly related to Jungian archetypes.


His bestseller, “Wink” helps one to find one’s creative flow as an entrepreneur and staying there. Through his Wealth Dynamics system he has taught how to speak the language of success to more than 40,000 entrepreneurs around the world. He is also instrumental in applying the philosophy of flow behind Wealth Dynamics to corporations through Talent Dynamics headed by Michelle Clarke. Today he is busy working to launch Talent Dynamics in schools in UK through the Hero program. Moreover, he is found actively involved in the student education in Bali these days. With the help of his daughters, he is engaged in the project Gen Y at Green School in Bali. Roger says,

Gen Y is all about a generation asking that question at a deeper level Why am I doing what I m doing; Why are we treating each other poorly; Why are we mistreating the environment; Why are we settling for a basic job when instead we could be starting a movement? .

He further explains that the question Why in the Wealth Dynamics philosophy represents water, the first of the five steps of all natural growth represented by the five Chinese Elements. He offers a new Wealth Dynamics system that provides a step-by-step guide to move within one s personal path to flow. Today,

Roger James Hamilton

travels all around the world promoting his idea of World Wide Wealth: empowering social enterprise and global change by increasing our collective ability to create and contribute wealth.

For more information regarding

Roger James Hamilton

, please visit

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