5 Reasons To Improve Your Presentation Skills In Business Today

5 Reasons to Improve Your Presentation Skills in Business Today


Graham Moore

Whatever role you have in business or the corporate world today, your success will be directly related to your ability to influence others.


Therefore, one of the important attributes for successful people in business today is the ability to present well. Sure, academic qualifications along with practical, real world experience is important but one skill – and it is a skill, therefore it can be developed – is the skill of presenting to others. The nature of presenting – that is, the style of presentation and the audience – will vary, of course, but the ability to convey the message effectively is seen as a marker or what could also be called a ‘defining characteristic’ for success. I am often asked to help develop the skills of aspiring managers and leaders because they know that without this skill they will be limited not only because of the way others see them but in their ability to persuade in business-critical situations. As someone who sees people in the corporate world making presentations, I know many of those I see present could be so much more effective with just a little help. But of course, with so many people having that fear of speaking in front of others, this also holds them back. Because they have such concerns they often avoid situations where they’re required to speak – or are in such a state when they do make the presentation that they stumble through it and are just pleased when it’s over. The focus for them becomes the process – not the content – of what they’re delivering. So why should you improve your business presentation skills ? — Communicate your message more effectively Those who understanding how to present effectively, understand how to structure their presentations, what to say, how to say it, in order to make an impact with their audience. Even ‘off the cuff’ presentations are more effective if the person delivering it has an understanding of what is required in the presentation process. The audience is then far more receptive to the message which is being communicated – if the person delivering it does so with an understanding of the process of presenting and speaking. — Sell More Products Your product may be tangible; it may be your services or the services of your company. You may be presenting a proposal on behalf of your company. It may be to a group, 5, 10 or more prospective clients, but whatever you are selling, the effectiveness your presentation skills will play a critical role in achieving the ‘sale’. The most successful sales people are also successful presenters so if your role requires you to sell your company’s products or services or even to present a proposal to your client, improving your presentation skills will improve your success in making that sale. — Influence your team / the Board You may be communicating to your team, maybe it’s the weekly or fortnightly team meeting, in this situation you have to convey our message effectively to the other members of the team. They may be fellow team members – or this could be the team you’re leading. The ability to communicate effectively rests with you – and the outcome you achieve will be directly, in most cases, related to the way you present, to the content of what you’re saying ad the way you’re saying it. Are you convincing them or are you boring them? Are you communicating to their heart as well as their mind – or are you simply filling the air with the sound of your voice ? — Enhance your career prospects If your think your career is slowing, check your presentation skills. People who speak and present well get noticed. No question. If you can effectively, with conviction and impact, present your views and have no hesitation in speaking and presenting to others, you will increase dramatically your chances of being picked up for that next career move. — Become more confident The inner confidence that comes with speaking and presenting well, will come out in your interactions with others even when you’re not presenting to them.. You will appear to others to have an air of confidence in all your interactions with them. That confidence then also is evident in the presentations you’re making. You know what you are going to say, you know how to say it effectively – and you do so confidently. The audience is more than half way convinced; psychologically, they are already on ‘your side’ when they see a level of confidence from you when you present confidently. Effective leaders are also effective presenters and speakers. Executives and managers in business today need to present well to have the edge over their competitors – both the internal as well as the external competitors. Importantly, they are effective influencers of others. Graham Moore

Graham Moore is a professional speaker and trainer who presents to audiences internationally. With over 15 years experience, he also conducts presentation skills training and coaches managers and executives in presentation skills. If you’d like to learn more about how you can improve your speaking and presenting skills

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