An Overview Of A Beginner’s Weight Loss Program

By Amy Lee Sullivan

The whole point of a weight loss program is so that you will be capable of developing a consistent approach to losing weight as well as build a healthy endurance while you exercise. Another objective of weight loss is to get rid of the extra body fat stored in your body. But you should not lose the healthy and lean muscle tissues or body fluid.

First a successful weight loss program requires a great amount of dedication and a great amount of focus. So it will require both your body and mind. You should always consult a doctor before starting a weight loss program.

Do not expect over night results. Some people lose patients and quit their weight loss program. You can’t give up. Keep at it. The program will get easier and results will come.. Just stick to your plan.

Before you start a workout session, do some stretching. You must stretch out your muscles or you risk injuring yourself as well as being sore.

Do not push yourself to hard.. Do everything in moderation. Find the degree of training that fits you..You should be comfortable when you exercise. However you should not be so comfortable that there is no challenge presented to you.


Below is an overview of an ideal week for a beginner..

The first day you should take a long walk.. Walk for about 20 minutes to a half hour. After the walk take about 10 minutes to stretch out your body.. You have now taken the initiative to reach your weight loss goal.

The second day should be spent on an upper body work out.. This will assist you in maintaining your strength so you will be able to make it through one whole week of the weight loss program..

Spend the third day walking or jogging for 10 minutes. The evening should be spent on a lower body work out.. Always do some stretching before you do any of these activities.

On the fourth day, spend a good amount of the day resting.. Also, spend some time stretching. A good stretch does more for your body than you realize. Spend this day chasing any negative thoughts out of your head. You must make sure your mind set is strong..

Day 5 start with a ten to fifteen minute jog. Then exercise your lower body again.. Follow this up with another ten minute walk followed by an upper body workout.

Spend day 6 on a low impact exercise such as swimming. Avoid boredom by trying something new.

Getting the support and help from the people around you is very important. Spend day 7 doing this. Spend time with them, perhaps including them in your daily walks or jogging sessions.

Remember, you are just getting started.. Make it through this first week and you will be on your way to making your weight loss program a successful one. Instant results don’t happen, so don’t give up. Weight loss does not happen overnight. Stick to it! Patience is a virtue! Over time, if you are consistent with your plan, you will see results.

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