Social Problems Created By Excessive Sweat

Submitted by: Michael Rad

Our body needs sweat in order to cool down when the temperatures become too high. In nature, we see many creatures using different methods to keep a constant body temperature sweating is our way of doing it. Unfortunately, some people experience excessive sweat, a condition known as hyperhidrosis, in which the sweat levels are higher than necessary. The condition occurs because of the overactive sympathetic nervous system and can cause severe social obstacles.

The central command center for sweat related processes is the hypothalamus. The brain sends information to the sweat nerves which then pass it along to the sweat glands. When shis system gets overactive, the sweat glends produce larger amounts of sweat, resulting in the condition known as hyperhidrosis. Different stimuli can contribute to this process. The most common include nervousness, outside pressure, anxiety, stress. Social interactions may also trigger excessive sweat, because they are the environtments when all of the above mentioned factors become active. When a person suffering from hyperhidrosis is engaged in social interactions the strength of the outside stimuli increases, making that person more susceptible to sweat extensively.

Unless you are suffereing from hyperhidrossi, you will have a hard time believing that sweat can cause so many problems. However, this is a reality around 1% of the world s population has to deal with. Sweaty hands, feet or face these are serious issues that can have a profound effect on a person s self confidence and self respect. When you are afraid of social interactions, thinking that your dialog partenrs will notice the problem, you tend to get more and more introvertite. Avoiding social interactions becomes more and more frequent, as hyperhidrosis tends to aggravate during times of anxiety.


People suffering from pedal hyperhidrosis, also known as excessive foot sweat, will also notice numerous difficulties in their every day lives. Handling any sort of paper or delicate electronic equipment becomes a nightmare, as everything becomes moist and unusable. While there are several medicaion treatments, many excessive sweat patients don t see results that are worth mentioning they might, but only after a while. This is partly because they lack essential information concerning their problem. If you are suffering from hyperhidrosis and you are using medication treatments prescribed 2-3 years ago, you might want to check out the new treatments available.

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