Efficient Air Conditioning At The Workplace

Efficient Air Conditioning at the Workplace



The air conditioning in the office aims to keep a comfortable working environment and a way to ensure quality work whatever the season or outdoor temperature is. It is not only for the employees but for the clients also. The client’s comfort is essential for a businesss success.


The comfortable room temperatures range between 20 and 27 C. The difficulty to maintain cooling grows at places where there is a regular passage or constant flows of people coming in and going out. At such places, the doors get to open frequently which doesnt let the cooling stay or maintain a comfortable temperature. Unfortunately, the overall picture of air conditioning is not as bright as it might seem. It is quite possible to obtain better results with natural means. The disadvantage is the need to act upon during construction or renovation. The room air conditioning has several cost related factors that are involved depending on the size and space. The heating air conditioning and cooling air conditioning system is usually more effective on the first ground and first floor of a multi-storey building due to less air pressure. In addition to consumption of electricity, air conditioning unit also consume non-renewable fossil resources such as gas, oil and refrigerants. The problem is that even maintaining the air at one time or another with the passage of time or economic imperatives, it will not be tight and there will be leaks resulting in environmental pollution. Air pollution is due to refrigerants that evaporate into the air. These fluids are based on hydro fluorocarbons and are the main cause of gas leakage, while increasing the greenhouse effect, which in turn contribute to global warming. Besides the destruction of the ozone layer, we must recognize that the air conditioning units generates noise pollution, even if it is true that modern air conditioners are becoming quieter. Another disturbing effect of air conditioning is it weakens the electrical system of the office significantly and without mentioning again has the high electricity consumption, which itself has a negative effect on the environment. Alternative solutions based on solar energy are put in place for some recent years and have fortunately produced some favourable results. Back to the office air conditioning. During air conditioning installation it is necessary to install protective panels to preserve the freshness of summer, such as blinds for example that you can hold down. For the fight against heat and cold it is primarily the elements from the outside world that play an important part. If too much heat has managed to penetrate in, itll be very hard, even for the air conditioner to blow it out. For more information on Air Conditioning, visit our UK business directory

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