Why Are Reusable Air Filters Better?

By O Wolff

Plastic bottles and bags have received a good deal of attention of late. It’s about time too, the environment is taking a wicked beating if you haven’t heard, and it’s as though everyone is standing around waiting for someone else to step in a break it up. Controlling bottles and bags is a baby-step in the right direction, using reusable air filters in your automobile is another step.

Chances are like many drivers you’ve been living on a steady diet of disposable paper air filters since you first got your license. If you’re a normal driver you average 12,000 miles per year and you change air filters every 15,000 miles, or less, depending on your driving conditions and your vehicle’s requirements. That’s one or two air filters annually times X amount of drivers, carry the one, and that equals a staggering 100 million, give or take, disposable paper air filters collecting in landfills every year. Reusable filters, on-the-other-hand, never need to be replaced and with effortless maintenance every 50,000 miles they’ll likely outlive your vehicle.

If you still feel a personal disconnect between reusable and disposable air filters wrap your thinking around this. Every breath your vehicle takes passes through that disposable filter, and the thick, bleached paper material limits airflow. Picture yourself running to work breathing through a piece of paper, and that’s before dirt and dust clog the filter’s air passages. By the time most disposable filters get replaced they have literally been choking the life out of your engine. That spells poor automotive performance. In addition, disposable filters come from trees, often very old trees.


Compare that with reusable synthetic air filters that let your car breathe with far less restriction. These reusable air filters come with a lifetime limited warranty and are easy to clean. They are clearly a better choice for the environmentally in the long run and while they are usually a little more expensive than paper, you only have to buy them once. Plus these filters are referred to by many as performance air filters as their lower restriction results in helping your car run better, often by increasing the power.

Less restriction means more power? You bet it does. That’s why some racers don’t use an air filter. Too much restriction can take away the power needed to give a racer the edge and the win. While racers are willing to sacrifice engine wear for the win you don’t have to do the same. Quality reusable air filters for passenger cars and trucks allow air to flow with little restriction while still providing outstanding filtration to protect your vehicle’s engine for long life.

Reusable performance air filters have been around for decades and the leading innovators that make the best are leaps and bounds ahead of the imitators that make the rest. Select a reusable air filter brand that stands behind their product with a lifetime limited warranty. Ask your mechanic or stop by a local auto parts store and ask them for their reusable air filter recommendation.

Reusable air filters are a no-brainer, they save money, fuel and the environment, and they are one of the simplest automotive performance upgrades possible. Most reusable filters install and occupy the same space those air-restrictive paper ones have claimed for all these years. Change is easy when we take little, yet steady steps forward, and the results are nothing less than earth-shaking.

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