Heavy And Durable Floor Scales Of Johnson Scale Company

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Johnson Scale Company assures the quality of their equipments and heavy materials. They take pride with their reputation thru producing high durable and high quality products.

In United States there are lots of manufacturers and companies selling and producing different kinds of floor scales. One of the leading companies that offer high quality yet affordable industrial floor scale is the Johnson Scale Company. Whether your requirements are for permanent or portable scales, dry/wet applications, drop and weight, drive up ramp and floor in-pit they have it all.

They also offer and manufactured complete line up of heavy duty and long lasting equipment such as drum scales, barrel scales, floor scales, pallet jack scales, platform scales, and lift truck scales. This equipment built in with its advance engineering process and with excellent workmanship.

Most of their leading materials and equipments are used in major hospitals, factories, construction sites, national and international airports, big and small groceries store, shipping companies and some cargos companies. The company assures that their products are all in better and good working condition, accurate, hardy and long lasting.

List of Johnson Scale Co., heavy equipments description:

Salter PS1000 / 2000 Floor Scale Series


Made out of strong steel with built in tread plate for protection in harmful slips and accidents, flexible foot pads that allows machine to work efficiently even in rough and uneven floorings. Easy to operate with its adjustable foot pads, AC adapter or AA batteries included, easy access carries for convenient relocation, and no ramps needed because of its built in ramp ends.

Chatillon HB Portable Beam Scale

This HB series is portable platform scale, easy to assemble and operate lockable poise with easy to read mechanics, rust resistant beams, and simplified lever system, iron cast for tough performances for strong and harsh weather. This portable beam scale is also available in metric and lbs version; possess certification of conformance and legal for trading transactions.

Rice Lake Deckhand Portable Scale Series

It is designed and built to weigh absolutely in all edge and corners. It is stable and remains even in rough floors. It is easy to relocate and transport. It has an accurate weighing stainless steel indicator with LCD display and numeric keypad.

Detecto Cardinal Run a Weigh Portable Barrel Scale

It is a heavy duty weighing scale that can be mounted in a more convenient place like walls or desks. It comes with self-aligning feet adjustments, large safety plate, integral platform ramps, weighing capacity up to 1000 lbs perfectly for small crates,drums and barrels anywhere.

Detecto Portable Digital Receiving Scale Series

It has heavy and welded steel base for any kind of hard works, stainless steel digital indicator with .7″ LED flaunt for speed and accuracy, push button switch, AC or battery operated. It can be ship and delivered via common carrier.

Pennsylvania 6400 Heavy Duty Floor Scale Series

It is made of heavy duty steel tube for heavy or industrial and construction use, guaranteed to be accurate and durable. There is a load cell for overload protection in all corners, numeric keypad, interconnection cables, RS -232 crossing point, LED display indicator.

Weightronix QTLTSC Legal for Trade Lift Truck Scale Series

The unique design provides accuracy even if the truck lift is slanted. There are weigh bar sensors between the back and front scale wagon plates. The sensors and angle detection circuit are well embedded with its metal box and protected by its front and black metal plates.

Sartorius IS – High Resolution Industrial Floor scale with C Series

It is galvanized and made of stainless steel platforms. It is strong and flexible, best used for pharmaceutical and laboratories. It is also dust and washed down protected. It provides accurate and reliable measurements with its internal calibrations, alphanumeric keypads and indicator.

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