Norfolk Your Precision Engineering Problems Solved?

Norfolk Your Precision Engineering Problems Solved?


Lee Hunton

Some people may be under the impression that almost all of the precision engineering that goes on in the UK is located in the Midlands or the North of England. However, these people may be missing a great opportunity, by not considering Norfolk as an alternative region for precision engineering services.

It is true that the Midlands and the North of England were once the backbone of the engineering sector in this country. These areas had traditionally been extremely biased towards manufacturing, to the extent where a huge percentage of the local workforce in these areas would be employed in this sector. Large engineering factories were widespread in these parts of the country, and therefore most of the country s engineering focus was centred around them. However, in the last 20 or 30 years all this has changed, and there are various reasons for this. The decline in the industry as a whole, and the changes to working practices that this has brought, has hit large companies hardest. With such a concentration of companies in one or two areas, and with so many engineers moving out of engineering and into other sectors, customers have been forced to look elsewhere for their precision engineering.

One area which has benefited from this is East Anglia, and Norfolk in particular. No longer just a rural area which was entirely devoted to farming, Norfolk has developed into a thriving engineering base. The Oil and Gas industry is very involved in Norfolk, and other sectors such as meat and crop processing, automotive engineering and the chemical industry play a large part in the Norfolk economy. All of these sectors are very heavily biased towards engineering, and require very high levels of precision. This has led to a situation where there are some excellent precision engineering companies in Norfolk, with very highly skilled engineers.


One such company is Machined Precision Components Ltd, based in Watton in Norfolk, who can list a number of customers in these sectors who are locally based. They can also boast customers all over the country who have a requirement for their precision engineering services.

As director Nick Overton explains: We provide a highly professional service to many sectors of precision engineering, not only in Norfolk, but throughout the country. We place great emphasis on three areas: Firstly we produce a top quality component, we provide it for a competitive price, and we do this with very short lead times.

In fact their lead times are so short that they sometimes can provide a next day delivery to customers for items which may be produced at very short notice. We can often receive an order on one day, produce the components on the same day, and then deliver it to the customer the next day explains Mr Overton. We can do this for any customer within the UK, wherever they are based, and with no compromise in quality. This flexibility means that we can provide a quality service to customers that they may not be able to find elsewhere

Precision Engineering in Norfolk continues to go from strength to strength, and sometimes this area of the country can provide a quality of service that cannot be found elsewhere.

Lee Hunton is a Qualified Engineer with 25 years experience in the industry. He has worked in precision engineering in the UK and Europe.

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