Preparation For Rhinoplasty Surgery: How To Define Your Aesthetic Goals

Submitted by: Abigail Aaronson

Rhinoplasty is one of the most complex cosmetic surgery procedures and has a higher revision rate than many others. In order to ensure a smooth primary rhinoplasty, it is important to perform proper research and preparation beforehand.

Sculpting the perfect nose can be a complex task and dissatisfaction with the results is not uncommon. Many people undergo revision plastic surgeries, or even several, to correct mistakes from their primary rhinoplasty. Although you can never be guaranteed satisfaction, proper research and choosing a highly qualified surgeon can help increase the odds of a well-performed rhinoplasty.

Before consulting with any potential cosmetic surgeons, it is important to identify exactly what it is you would like to change about your nose. Although your first reaction might just be to say you’d like it smaller the aesthetics of the nose are far more involved than merely size. Think about the width of the bridge and its surface.


Is there a bump that you’d like removed? Would you prefer the profile to be straight or slightly scooped? You’ll also have to examine the tip of your nose as well as the nostrils. Is it too bulbous or flat? Are the nostrils even? Is your nose too narrow or is it too wide? The more specific you can make your requests the more likely you’ll be satisfied with the results of the surgery. Tearing out photos from magazines of noses that you like can also be helpful for your surgeon.

After you’ve examined the aesthetics of your nose, you’ll have to consider functionality as well. Do you have difficulty breathing or do you snore? If so, you may have a deviated septum which can be corrected during the rhinoplasty. If you’ve had any other deformities of the nose or difficulties breathing, you’ll want to share these with your plastic surgeon to ensure the best course of action.

Once you’ve established your aesthetic goals, it is time to start researching plastic surgeons. The internet is a valuable tool that can help you narrow down your search and find specialists. Many cosmetic surgeons include a few before and after photos so you’ll have a better idea of their skills and aesthetic preferences.

You should also seek out personal referrals if you know of anyone who has undergone the procedure. Once you’ve chosen two, three, or even four potential surgeons, you can begin booking consultations.

Consultations are essential to choosing the right surgeon. Most provide a consultation free of charge, and those that do have fees will count it towards the surgery if you choose their services. During the consultation the surgeon should give you a brief examination and ask you health-related questions as well as about your aesthetic goals.

They will then describe the course of action they would take during surgery, what to expect of the results, and the recovery process. Some even have access to computer imaging which can be helpful, but is not necessarily indicative of potential results.

After the consultation you should evaluate how the meeting went. Do you feel comfortable and confident with the cosmetic surgeon? Did they answer all of your questions, give you details, and take their time with you? Do you both have similar aesthetic ideals? It is important to evaluate all of these questions before choosing which surgeon to perform your rhinoplasty.

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