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There are various practical reasons for the wide popularity of the window blinds over other window treatment options. One such reason is the easy maintenance feature of blinds. In the busy schedule of the times the home-owners find it tough to dedicate a lot of time behind cleaning up the mess in their rooms. The busy professionals of the times are running day and night and they will not be able to afford much time in cleaning the window blinds regularly. This is where the wooden blinds and venetian blinds come to the rescue of the home-owners. Once installed the wooden blinds last a long time, and as far as their cleaning goes it is very simple. Often a simple swipe through with a clean cloth on weekdays and some extra cleaning on weekends will keep the wooden blinds as good as new.

Wooden venetian blinds have become key items for home decoration. Homes can be provided a new look and feel with the installation of the wooden venetian blinds. But these blinds should be maintained well to keep them appealing to the eyes of the onlookers. Without care the wooden blinds can get defaced and shabby too. This is the reason if you have wooden venetian blinds installed in your rooms then you should definitely learn various steps of cleaning these effectively. Only clean and well maintained blinds can meet the aesthetic needs of the onlookers. So below are some tips on effectively cleaning the wooden venetian blinds.

1. Before you commence with cleaning the wooden venetian blinds take a little time off to read the instructions provided by the manufacturers. There are different cleaning instructions for different materials and designs of wooden venetian blinds. While some of them will advice you not to clean the wooden blinds using moist cloth others will advice you vice-versa. So you should always follow the instructions and warnings provided by the manufacturer.


2. While cleaning the wooden blinds regularly you can use a feather duster or vacuum cleaner. But if you feel that the blind requires extra attention then you should make a careful choice of what to use in the cleaning process. Try to avoid any chemical solution. Instead you may use a slightly damp cloth and wipe through each slat slowly.

3. Once in a month you should close the slats of the wooden blinds and wipe the slats using a feather duster or a dry cloth. This will ensure that every corner of the blind has been cleaned properly and there are no corners left unattended.

4. Open and close the wooden venetian blinds so that reverse side of these blinds faces towards you. After you get the reverse side of the blind use your soft duster or cloth to clean this part properly.

5. After the process is finished make sure you inspect the wooden venetian blinds properly. Open and close the slats for couple of times to make sure that every corner and angle of the blind has been cleaned. If you are satisfied with the results then the cleaning work is complete.

As shown above it is very simple to clean the wooden venetian blinds regularly as well as weekly. It does not require much time at all and does not require any technical know how.

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