Spirit Of The Dragonfly}

Submitted by: Peter Boxall

The metamorphic act of emergence from nymph to Dragonfly strips away our beliefs of containment of our actions, our limitations, our doubts, and our self doubt. ‘The Spirit of the Dragonfly’ reminds us that everything is possible. We can achieve our dreams and our goals, we learn to understand about ourselves, and our self belief. The Dragonfly Spirit is the keeper of our dreams, seeing out true potential and ability, giving us the capability to fulfil our birthright.

The wings of the Dragonfly reflect the colours of our Universe and connect us to their energy. The power of the individual colour or colours help us achieve our aspirations.

The choice of colours of our clothes, the interiors of our surroundings, even the colour of our car can have a positive or negative influence on what we wish to achieve in life. The wearing of dull or drab colours sends out a negative message, saying inside we really don’t want to achieve or fulfil our ambitions, the colours we surround ourselves with reflect back to us the message we send out, just as the reflection of the wings of the Dragonfly.

If we want to change we need to show we are ready and willing to allow the changes to occur through the energy generated by the vibrations given off from the colour connected to particular energy of the experience we are seeking. If we want to stand out work for our contribution in the workplace we should wear shades of red and violet. If we wish to start afresh we should wear shades of green, and for a feeling of greater empowerment we should wear shades of yellow.

To develop a greater intuitive ability, and feel more deeply connected with the Universe we should wear shades of blue and indigo.

We should use colours to express who we are, our aspirations of desire and experience in our lives. We should learn from Mother Nature, with its vast array of colour, and how nature uses colour, whether for the pollination of the flowers, in the cycle of birth and rebirth, or the use of colour to deter or drive away predators. Through the ‘Spirit of the Dragonfly’ we can use colour in the same way as nature to attract or deter through the messages we send out to others, and the reflective reactions of others to the messages we send out, to help the greater understanding of our self.


In the beginning of the life cycle of the Dragonfly the Nymph emerges from the egg, spending as long as five years beneath the water surface, using internal gills to breathe, the use their extendable jaws to cut away at other invertebrates, and even vertebrates such as tadpoles and fish, In the same way the Spirit of the Dragonfly can teach us to combine emotion with rational thought, by gutting away at the parts of our lives, that we cannot control. This is especially helpful in dealing with addictions, such as over eating, drinking to excess and drug addiction, other addictions such as procrastination, gambling, over spending, daydreaming, overworking and other addictions, which do not allow us to live a balanced and fulfilled lifestyle.

Most addictions are due to suppressed emotional energies and traumas that are being compensated through the addiction. Over eating often compensates for feeling unloved, and drinking for depression, or a depressive life style. There are often other parts of ones lifestyle that are out of control and need addressing, before they can be resolved.

Often one has to peer beneath the emotional waters, into the murky depths, to understand the causes and what is really happening inside oneself.

When the Nymph is ready to metamorphosis into an adult, it climbs up with the assistance of an emergent plant at night, and as it does its breathing pattern changes inside the larva’s body, then skin splits at a weak point behind the head , and the adult Dragonfly crawls out of its old larval skin, waits for the sun to rise, pumps up is wings and swiftly flies off, the Dragonfly is the worlds fastest flying insect, propelling itself at speeds of 19 to 38 miles per hour, dependant upon the species. In the same way using the energy generated by the Spirit of the Dragonfly one can swiftly come to conclusions and new insights that help you propel yourself from the old larval skin into new ways thought, action and lifestyle. This is the point of metamorphication , the most important time for ‘seeing’ through illusions, and being receptive to the messages being sent to you from the Universe directly through the Spirit of the Dragonfly. We must leave behind our old beliefs of powerlessness, irrational fears, and false limitations, you have the choice of your beliefs and your focus for the future. Although one always the power to change ones circumstances, this is a pivotal point and with the energy from the Spirit of the Dragonfly, one clearly shows one is ready to leave behind all the excuses for not making changes, and taking on the full responsibility for what we make of our life, by making the appropriate changes now while one has the energy, support and power of the emerging Spirit of the Dragonfly.

People who have absorbed and retain the energy from the Spirit of Dragonfly are often good healers, and understand the use of Colour for Healing, they can sense or see the colours that one carries in their aura, and can learn how to assist that person by changing the colour rays so the person can be a part in their own healing process, rather than being dependant on others to carry out the healing process for them, which hardly ever works. This can de shown by the following examples, if a person carries a heavy murky colour of red within their aura, leading to power struggles, constant irritations, and things always going wrong, the healer can assist in replacing the heavy murky reds, with lighter clearer reds to empower the person with confidence, Or if a persons aura is depleted in vital energy and colour the healer can teach the person to learn to draw in the energy rays through the colours of the Universe, both seen and unseen to repair and invigorate the aura.

For the recharging of the aura, which is particularly necessary during periods of stress and trauma, and is needed by healers and by all of us at least several times a week, or even once of twice a day. One of the easiest and most pleasant ways or restoring or building up ones aura is to get comfortable in a placid place where one feels at home, and to focus on all the colours of the rainbow and to visualise them entering into the aura via the Universal flow, if one needs additional energy they can call upon the Spirit of the Dragonfly, by visualising the rainbow colours reflecting of the wings of the dragonfly as it flies over meadow, gardens and streams, if one is a novice to this and there is some apprehension, one can incorporate remembered fond memory places into the flight of the butterfly, one can also do this before going to sleep at night ensuring a good nights rest and awakening in the morning feeling fully rested and invigorated, or one can take some short timeout in the lunch break to be fully restored for the rest of the day. With practise one can learn to be able to this in almost any place and situation.

For the first time one can use a tangible item, which can be focused upon, a glass paperweight is to be recommended as it performs both functions, the glass is made from silica from rock crystals so stores energy, a Dragonfly Paperweight will help to bring harmony in the environment.

People with the Spirit of the Dragonfly are very good at deciphering the colours of ones emotions and homing in on what emotions control our lives. We get so used to how we feel, it becomes the norm, we may not recognise that we are depressed or hold levels of anger or hostility, or we hold within grief or remorse from events that occurred in the long past. We project these emotions onto other, and find ourselves attracting like people who are depressed or hostile.

In our Western Culture we are often brought up not to show and to stifle our emotions, so this energy get forced down, trapped and built up in our lower chakras, Using the energy from the ‘Spirit of the Dragonfly’ calling it into the lower chakras, the energy can stir up this trapped energy, which has been manifesting itself through the body, we can get it moving again. This removal is not really painful, in fact it is less painful than having all this trapped energy attracting more of the same. If you do not know a person who is empowered with the Dragonfly Spirit to help you through the process, call upon the energy of the Dragonfly Spirit through your mind.

Think about the energy moving through the lower chakras, infusing them with clear brilliant colours, which you can use refecting from the wings of the dragonfly for additional potency, and well being. You may feel a little emotional, this is a good sign it shows the process is working it does not take long for the energy to clear, and you need to be feeling these emotions, cry yell, stamp you feet, do whatever it takes to get that energy up and away, always bearing in mind you have a powerful companion in the form of the Spirit of the Dragonfly working within you, and for you, and supporting you during this process.

If you do not feel confident or afraid about carrying out this process on you own you should consult a registered alternative healer, or other qualified therapist before engaging in this sort of healing work. It is a true sign of oneself to know when you require help and go out and seek it. If you do need any assistance in finding a qualified you can find the regulatory authorities on the web, or you can contact us directly and we shall give you the details of you nearest registered qualified healer, all our services are free, we are here to help you whenever you need us.

People working with The Spirit of the Dragonfly often work using Crystals and other Semi Precious Stone, where energy can be drawn from the bright colours and the bright inclusions within the stones, all ‘Dragonfly People’ can boost their energy and lift their spirits by including the stones throughout their homes, and a feeling of well being throughout the household can be achieved. Sunstone is particularly if they are of good quality, with many sparkling inclusions.

Just as the Dragonfly, it can be some considerable time for your transformation to take place, from Nymph grubbing about below the surface to sparkling new Dragonfly, with the freedom to propel yourself into the bright new world, At times it will seem difficult or even impossible, but just think of the metamorphosise of the dragonfly, and remember always you are gradually empowering yourself, and these changes are growing stronger little by little every day, and you are learning to know and understand more about yourself. You will come out into the daylight with Higher Power and Spirit, which will always remain inside you, and continue to grow, as you continue in the Knowledge of Your Inner Self and the Power of the Universe.

This power is within your Soul and Spirit, and the Energy is from Our Universe, how we interpret this is from our inner self, there are many paths to follow, the freedom to follow your paths is what you are looking to achieve, experience and follow. We ask you only to use your new power wisely and help us to help others. The Spirit of the Dragonfly is a very powerful spirit, we are upon this planet for such a short time, and we are never too old to make this transformation.

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Blackout Curtains: Keeping Light Out}

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Blackout Curtains: Keeping Light Out



Sometimes, for sleeping rooms blackout curtains are preferred to lighter fabric curtains or blinds. Blackout window curtains usually have an extra lining as well as using heavier fabric with tighter fibers. The material colors are often, but not always, dark and solid or with pattern details. These lined blackout curtains will block most of the sunlight from entering the room.

This keeping sunlight out is especially advantageous for those who do some of their sleeping during daylight hours and especially if the window is on the south side of the house or building. The south side generally gets sunlight most of the day as the sun passes across the earth’s sky. If retiring before the sun has set, light blocking curtains help to give the room a comfortable feel that encourages sleep. Light blocking curtains are useful in a baby’s room, too, for closing at naptime. Also, when there is a bright street light that glares into the bedroom at night blackout window curtains are a big help.


Scientists who have studied sleep have found that a deeper and more healing sleep is experienced in a darker room. Everyone should try to get the most quality sleep that is possible and blackout curtains will promote this sleep. When proper sleep has been gained, the person awakens with ease and feels refreshed and energized for the day. Quality sleep helps the person to be able to better perform and function during daylight hours. Naturally, the mind is also renewed so that thinking processes are not sluggish.

Another room that may be good for light blocking curtains is a den where TV and movies are viewed. When the family is relaxing together in the evening, the sun may be sinking lower in the sky and shining right through the window and onto the TV screen. At least some people in the room will not be able to see a picture at all with the sunlight wiping out the images on the screen. Blackout curtains can block the light where normal windows will not do much to hinder it.

For whatever the reason the room needs to be protected from bright sunlight or other lights coming into the room, blackout curtains will do the best job. In war time, blackout curtains could keep lights inside a room from being visible outside the window. This concept works also for privacy and light blocking inside.

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Blackout curtains

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Blackout Curtains: Keeping Light Out}

5 Tips To Clean Wooden Venetian Blinds}

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Submitted by: Blinds Depot

There are various practical reasons for the wide popularity of the window blinds over other window treatment options. One such reason is the easy maintenance feature of blinds. In the busy schedule of the times the home-owners find it tough to dedicate a lot of time behind cleaning up the mess in their rooms. The busy professionals of the times are running day and night and they will not be able to afford much time in cleaning the window blinds regularly. This is where the wooden blinds and venetian blinds come to the rescue of the home-owners. Once installed the wooden blinds last a long time, and as far as their cleaning goes it is very simple. Often a simple swipe through with a clean cloth on weekdays and some extra cleaning on weekends will keep the wooden blinds as good as new.

Wooden venetian blinds have become key items for home decoration. Homes can be provided a new look and feel with the installation of the wooden venetian blinds. But these blinds should be maintained well to keep them appealing to the eyes of the onlookers. Without care the wooden blinds can get defaced and shabby too. This is the reason if you have wooden venetian blinds installed in your rooms then you should definitely learn various steps of cleaning these effectively. Only clean and well maintained blinds can meet the aesthetic needs of the onlookers. So below are some tips on effectively cleaning the wooden venetian blinds.

1. Before you commence with cleaning the wooden venetian blinds take a little time off to read the instructions provided by the manufacturers. There are different cleaning instructions for different materials and designs of wooden venetian blinds. While some of them will advice you not to clean the wooden blinds using moist cloth others will advice you vice-versa. So you should always follow the instructions and warnings provided by the manufacturer.


2. While cleaning the wooden blinds regularly you can use a feather duster or vacuum cleaner. But if you feel that the blind requires extra attention then you should make a careful choice of what to use in the cleaning process. Try to avoid any chemical solution. Instead you may use a slightly damp cloth and wipe through each slat slowly.

3. Once in a month you should close the slats of the wooden blinds and wipe the slats using a feather duster or a dry cloth. This will ensure that every corner of the blind has been cleaned properly and there are no corners left unattended.

4. Open and close the wooden venetian blinds so that reverse side of these blinds faces towards you. After you get the reverse side of the blind use your soft duster or cloth to clean this part properly.

5. After the process is finished make sure you inspect the wooden venetian blinds properly. Open and close the slats for couple of times to make sure that every corner and angle of the blind has been cleaned. If you are satisfied with the results then the cleaning work is complete.

As shown above it is very simple to clean the wooden venetian blinds regularly as well as weekly. It does not require much time at all and does not require any technical know how.

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