Blackout Curtains: Keeping Light Out}

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Blackout Curtains: Keeping Light Out



Sometimes, for sleeping rooms blackout curtains are preferred to lighter fabric curtains or blinds. Blackout window curtains usually have an extra lining as well as using heavier fabric with tighter fibers. The material colors are often, but not always, dark and solid or with pattern details. These lined blackout curtains will block most of the sunlight from entering the room.

This keeping sunlight out is especially advantageous for those who do some of their sleeping during daylight hours and especially if the window is on the south side of the house or building. The south side generally gets sunlight most of the day as the sun passes across the earth’s sky. If retiring before the sun has set, light blocking curtains help to give the room a comfortable feel that encourages sleep. Light blocking curtains are useful in a baby’s room, too, for closing at naptime. Also, when there is a bright street light that glares into the bedroom at night blackout window curtains are a big help.


Scientists who have studied sleep have found that a deeper and more healing sleep is experienced in a darker room. Everyone should try to get the most quality sleep that is possible and blackout curtains will promote this sleep. When proper sleep has been gained, the person awakens with ease and feels refreshed and energized for the day. Quality sleep helps the person to be able to better perform and function during daylight hours. Naturally, the mind is also renewed so that thinking processes are not sluggish.

Another room that may be good for light blocking curtains is a den where TV and movies are viewed. When the family is relaxing together in the evening, the sun may be sinking lower in the sky and shining right through the window and onto the TV screen. At least some people in the room will not be able to see a picture at all with the sunlight wiping out the images on the screen. Blackout curtains can block the light where normal windows will not do much to hinder it.

For whatever the reason the room needs to be protected from bright sunlight or other lights coming into the room, blackout curtains will do the best job. In war time, blackout curtains could keep lights inside a room from being visible outside the window. This concept works also for privacy and light blocking inside.

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Blackout Curtains: Keeping Light Out}