Finding Spare Parts For Agricultural Equipment

Submitted by: Robert Tate

If you own a small, medium or large farm, you need to know where to find agricultural equipment and machinery. Farm land has certain equipment and machinery that will be needed in order for you to properly take care of the land. Knowing where to find new or used equipment is essential. During the course of this article, you will find ideas of where to locate the equipment and machinery you will need to maintain your farm land.

New and used tractors can be found in new tractor supply stores. Supply stores will have top of the line tractors for you to choose from. Describe the type of land you have with the salesperson. From there the salesperson will be able to direct you to the right equipment for the type of land you have. The salesperson may ask you what you plan to use your farm land for. This will help them to figure out the type of tractors and attachments you will need to work your farm land properly.

Bulletin boards are another source to help find equipment and machinery. However when looking through the ads, you will need to know exactly what you are looking for. If you do not know you could end up purchasing a piece of equipment or machinery that will be of no use for your farm land.


Local newspapers are another great source for farm equipment. Just be careful when searching through here too. Many people will equipment and machinery because it has stopped working or not working as it should. When this is the case look for things you know could be wrong with the equipment. If you are insure of what to look for, take someone who has knowledge in this field with you and have them look for potential problems.

Check out local feed stores for farm animals. Sometimes people will tell the local feed store about equipment and machinery such as tractors for sale. Regular customers that come into feed stores are usually pretty honest because most are local farmers who have been living and farming the land in that area for most of their lives. When this is the case, most of the time you will find an older person that is getting out of farming and wanting to sell off his equipment and machinery.

Farm auctions are a great source to find tractors for sale and major agricultural equipment. Many times farmers will lose their land and have to auction off their farming equipment and supplies. At auctions they will show the agricultural equipment and machinery that is for sell. During some auctions they may start the equipment and show how it works by attaching the implements that attaches to tractors. The tractor implements that are auctioned off could include, post hole diggers, yard rakes, seeders and spreaders. Other implements you could find are, plows, lift booms, tillers and box blades.

A 3-point hitch is used to attach compact tractor implements. Farmers use compact tractor implements on a daily basis to keep their farm running smoothly.

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