Understanding The Roofing Profession


Roofers are construction workers specializing in roof construction. They are also known as roof mechanics. They repair and install building roofs using a diversity of materials that are waterproof and weatherproof. For roofers to be able to work effectively and efficiently, they must possess remarkable motor skills and general carpentry skills.

Roofers Types

Roofers are classified into 4 main types: Shingles who pripitches and above; “Flat” or single-ply roofers who focuses on roofs such as foam and single-ply roofs; Metal roofers who focuses on metal panels; “Hot” roofers who use tar-based products in their work.

Roles Played By Roofers

Roofers deal in a wide range of roofing activities ranging from roof repair, leaks, sliding, skylights, missing shingles, and many other roofing services. They inspect roofs for faults so as to repair them, replace rotting or damaged plywood or joist, measure the roof to determine the amount of materials needed, install layers of insulation or vapor barriers or other materials for making the roof watertight.

Work Environment

Roofing work can be very demanding. Work can take place in a hot environment and it involves climbing, bending, kneeling and heavy lifting. Roofers work in the open air and this would mean that they are exposed to all kinds of weather during the course of their work. They rarely perform their duties in the rain or in a cold weather.

Illnesses and Injuries

Roofers have higher rates of injuries and illnesses. They may slip and fall in the course of their duty. They may burn from hot substances. During the summer, heat radiated by the roofs can cause heat-related illnesses. To prevent these accidents and illnesses, several safety measures can be put into practice.

Work Schedule

Most roofers work on a full time basis just like most construction workers. In some areas, roofing is limited during the winter months, and so roofers prefer to work overtime during the summers to complete jobs quickly and especially before rainfall.

Roofing Materials

Some of the sophisticated materials used by roofers include asphalt shingles (which is America’s most common roofing material) clay tiles, concrete tiles, natural or synthetic slate, rubber shingles (from recycled tires), single ply, metal panels or shingles, glass, wood shakes or shingles, hot asphalt, rubber, liquid-applied, thatch, foam and solar tiles. Rooftop landscapes have increasingly been used in both commercial and residential applications over the years.

It’s necessary to be attentive when selecting appropriate roofers. Qualification and experience are necessary aspects to check very keenly when doing the selection. The specialization aspect should also be kept in mind as roofers perform best in their line of specialization, just like any other profession.

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